Fear vs Faith

You know it’s something outside trying to take you out,
You can scream and shout it won’t help,
Haven’t you been watching the news,
You singing happy songs now,
Soon it will be the blues,
Nothing last forever but trouble,
And that’s what your in,
The sad part you didn’t even do anything,
It’s just how it is,
First the streets were trying to get you,
Now it’s a killer virus coming through,
There is absolutely nothing you can do

I been believing and praying,
Having faith in God,
Of course my Faith could be stronger,
I always believed nothing was in my hands except my decisions and reactions,
I can’t control the world around me,
Sometimes I can’t even control me,
I can’t control what’s in front of my face,
So I know I can’t control what I can’t see,
Faith it’s all I have,
Not Faith in anything or anyone but God,
Don’t tell me life is hard I already know,
The world knows,
Something else that last for eternity is God’s grace and God’s love,
And that will rise above any fear…

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5 Responses to Fear vs Faith

  1. A good perspective in these COVID 19 times!

  2. PoeEternal says:

    Faith is my middle name.

  3. charlypriest says:

    Mr. Sincere, I really loved the poem. A true and great message. As a Catholic I truly believe that HE will get me through, with a semi sound mind and body. A very good read like the others also.

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