Can I Make It Right

How is life treating you,
I’m thinking of you,
It might not seem like it, but it’s true,
I honestly don’t know what to say,
Until this day I feel so distant,
You know you could see me in an instant if you wanted to,
It’s my responsibility to make it work,
That would mean that it’s broken,
Let’s be real we are night and day,
When your around we fight all day,
I get on your nerves and the feeling is mutual,
One thing we have in common,
sometimes we keep it too real,
We have opposite point of views,
You have a lot of street wisdom,
Mine comes from people sitting in church pews,
I wish things were different,
I’d like to relive many years,
Some of the fears that I hoped would not happen to you has,
Was I a direct reflection of this because of my past,
It’s not what you think,
I was selfish and scared,
I attached myself to someone crazy and my business was aired out to the streets,
Now I’m stuck with someone I don’t like, love and I would never want to meet,
I don’t care what anyone thinks I made a mistake many others make,
You were an innocent bystander,
Nothing makes some wrongs right,
Out of site,
Never out of mind,
I find myself pondering often “why don’t we click?”,
What exactly doesn’t fit,
I already know where I went wrong,
My question is“Can I Ever Make It Right”.

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2 Responses to Can I Make It Right

  1. sandomina says:

    There is a way of being wrong which is also sometimes necessarily right. Happy Easter.

  2. craig lock says:

    Reblogged this on First Steps Creative Writing Course.

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