Talking To My Younger Self (Bullied)

Dear 12 year old me,

Fight back!

I’m not saying be violent,

I’m saying stand up for yourself,

The things that your about to endure is going to be bad for your mental health,

It also gave you a wealth of knowledge,

What you learned this year made you a different person,

Being bullied constantly, is a form of tourture,

It only last a year,

You got over fear of being yourself this year,

After this by the grace of God you were never bullied again,

But while your in it,

Fight Back!!

Don’t sit back and let them talk to you any kind of way,

And definitely don’t let them put there hands on you,

Most of all pray that God shows you a way to stand up for yourself,

Because now, there is no way it would go down the same,

All those clowns that bullied you,

You can still remember there first and last name,

Being bullied is tattooed on your brain,

It’s a good thing,

It makes you keep an eye out so it won’t ever happen again.

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4 Responses to Talking To My Younger Self (Bullied)

  1. Kritika says:

    Fight back. Its important to stand up for yourself. Nice message

  2. KINDNESS says:

    So sad one is personally attacked by others may your self-preservation develop to help another suffering. Keep writing 🙌🙇🕯️😌🌟 Shalom

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