Unapologetically Me

I’ve always been this way,

I say what I have to say,

God loves me I can’t help how you feel about me,

Attempting to please everyone will do me no good,

I should have known,

It took a very long time to figure that out,

I have grown,

There’s people I don’t like,

So why wouldn’t I think many people don’t like me?

It seems simple,

But I know people who can’t see,

If I only concern myself with what another person thinks of me, I’m mentally locked up,

Not free,

I still have feelings,

Who doesn’t want to be loved,

But at what cost,

If you don’t love me for who I am,

You don’t love me!!!

God made me this way,

Continue to pray that I better myself,

Fame, attention ,wealth,

Keep it,

Give me God, family, love and good health,

I’ve heard you don’t like me,


The feeling is mutual,

I don’t think it makes either of us wrong,

As long as we respect each other,

We don’t have to talk or even be around each other,

We don’t have to have anger towards each other,

I doubt we’ll ever need each other,

So we shouldn’t try to purposely bother each other,

For peace I’ll continue to pray,

Word of advice,

If I don’t like something I usaualy stay away,

Mentally and physically.

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