Hello world ✌️

This is what I am and who I am,

I’m not trying to be anybody else,

I really could care less what most people think,

Is that wrong or right?

I don’t know, but it’s how I feel,

You don’t have to be selfish to love yourself,

You don’t have to like everything about yourself to love yourself,

I’ve always been a loner,

I find it odd to “search” for approval or love,

As long as I feel God approves and I approve,

We good,

That’s in my opinion how it should be,

But what do I know?

Because I don’t always show discipline and restraint,

Words slip out I shouldn’t say,

I’ve made mistakes I never should have made,

Hay, it’s life,

I’m just trying to do my best to live,

Memories that I never want to disappear,

Friends that I wish that were still here,

The fear of tomorrow and the pain of yesterday,

All I can do is pray and stay in the present,

Which is a present,

We talked about a bunch of nonsense that seemed so important to us,

To smile and laugh,

That’s all we lived for,

Just a kid in the middle of chaos with no worries,

I recorded all my memories before they got blurry,

Life’s trials come at you in a flurry,

It’s either fight or lay down,

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