Grow Up

Why would you make up a pain that real people go through,

If you want attention find a better way,

Don’t use me,

It’s my memories verses yours,

I been closed those door’s,

I’m living my life what are you doing with yours,

Making up fantasies about me?

Come on if you don’t like me that’s cool,

But holding this childish grudge makes you look like a fool,

We adults with kids and you still talking about arguments from highschool,

Wow, life can be cruel,

Especially if you still pondering on teenage disagreements,

I’m an adult, no way you gonna make me feel bad about something I said as a child,

That’s wild,

You mad about something I “said” to you,

You said things to me also, and your rarely, almost never on my mind,

I hope you find something else to occupy your time,

I assume you thought your call would make me fall,

It didn’t even make me stumble,

Negativity mostly sounds like a mumble to me these days,

But you did bring up some thoughts,

I brought myself to the conclusion that you never grew up.

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