Some People I Know

Why is it always an argument with you,

If I disagree doesn’t make me wrong,

Because you feel strongly about something doesn’t make you right,

Your always trying to win this fight you created in your mind,

It’s like mental warfare with you all the time,

I’m positive you love to argue,

I’m sure one of your goals in life is to think your always right,

You can’t force me to agree,

I’m ok with you so why can’t you let me be me,

I don’t see what you get out of going around debating with everyone,

Your a know it all,

At least you think you are,

These all not positive words, but there real to me,

Aggressive, know it all, rude people,

Don’t appeal to me

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2 Responses to Some People I Know

  1. I like how you describe ‘mental warfare’. it is difficult at the moment but I do try to remind my loved ones and myself that it isn’t about right or wrong. Love isn’t’ broken. It is a chance to learn more about each other. It is hard but I believe we can do it if we are willing to practise through each experience.

  2. Sonali says:

    Exactly! Just because you think you’re right doesn’t make anyone less wrong. It’s your opinion and you can present it in front of others, for them to contemplate it. You can’t force your ideas and views onto others.

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