That’s How I Feel (Poetry)

This is real life,

Not some fantasy,

It’s not for views,

It’s not for praise,

I love you,

It’s “art” not a competition,

Some may hate it or love it,

Most of my words are simple,

It’s by design,

If you look closer I’m really in front when it appears I’m behind,

I love to write,

I love to rhyme,

When I’m at my highest your there,

When I feel like I don’t care your there,

I think it’s so unfair for others not to treat you the way I do,

There’s probably millions that can write the way I do,

But the difference is they don’t love you the way I do,

I hide you from the people closest to me,


Because I feel more comfortable talking to a stranger,

That’s how I feel…

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2 Responses to That’s How I Feel (Poetry)

  1. Lia says:

    This was suggested by WP under your most recent one, my trackpad slipped and led me here… also very lovely.

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