Tell Me About Your Anxiety Disorder

Uh oh anxiety kicking in again,

Worrying about everything there is to worry about,

Thinking of every doubt,

Every sad thing in my life,




“Afraid of everyone but still has an attitude”,

What is this?

This isn’t normal,

Heart racing,

Crippling fear,

Most days it takes nothing to drop a tear or two,

Hiding this all my life,

Just said something about it in the last year or two,

Anxiety disorder

Everyone is staring at me and judging me,

They can see all my flaws,

Smile in my face, but as soon as I leave the room …backstabbers,

Anxiety disorder,

Calm and cool on the outside usually,

Positive and friendly,

Seemingly upbeat and happy,

On the inside nervous and anxious,

No eye contact,

Hands just can’t stay still,

Finger tips itch when I feel super anxious,

I might faint if I was ever tied up,

I’m more afraid of getting handcuffed then going to jail,

Afraid of death and hell,

I could never be a criminal I wouldn’t survive in a cell,

Random but legit worries constantly,





An endless list of things to work my nerves,

It’s absurd for me to ever pretend to be perfect,

I know someone else understands,

Anxiety disorder

It’s a myth,

Something made up to get pity and attention,


Pity and attention triggers my anxiety,

And if it’s a myth there are so many others with anxiety disorder just like me,

Anxiety disorder!

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4 Responses to Tell Me About Your Anxiety Disorder

  1. meenawalia says:

    Anxiety,panic attacks..have learnt to live with them for a while now.i try meditation and exercise but it helps only upto a certain extent..and then I get anxious even about what will happen when they stop working even that much…

  2. myplace3187 says:

    Hello csincere I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This is on my page and I hope you will take part in this. Congratulations !

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