God help me to see more than what’s right in front of me,

I don’t want to see the future,

I don’t necessarily want to dwell on the past,

But it’s like the world has cast a shadow over me and I can’t see my sunny potential,

I know it’s there,

Yet I’m stuck in the day to day mundane things of life,

I’m not looking for a thrill or even an adventure,

I’m looking for fulfillment, enlightenment and gratification,

Money is nice, but happiness is so much better,

I’m not fed up because I’m trying to enjoy this journey,

I’m just searching and pursuing happiness and joy,

I personally feel God has all the answers,

I’m willing to listen,

Sometimes I don’t hear anything,

I still know he’s there,

Most things that happened to me in this life after a certain age was absolutely my fault,

I didn’t do what I was taught,

We all inherently know right from wrong,

We make the decision to choose between the two,

We make mistakes,

We take things in this lifetime for granted,

This is it!!

Your only life,

Respect it!

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable your time is,

You can spend it looking for nonsense,

Or you can spend it not only looking for happiness but actually being happy,

God will help you if you call,

Please God Bless me,

Please God bless us all.

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