Too Good To Be True

I am intrigued by your intellect,

Overcome by your insight,

You wisdom and heart to fight amazes me,

Inner strength,

Outward grace,

A face at peace,

A heart full of love,

Your soul is so deep,

Your confidence is contagious,

You make me feel good about me,

It’s outrageous to even fathom anyone not loving you,

If I was blind I could see your beauty,

Even though your outside beauty is perfection to me,

Your inner beauty shines brighter,

You make the weight of the world feel lighter,

Perfection on Earth,

Blessed since birth,

What a gift from God you are,

My shining star in the darkness,

If there was an emotion stronger than love I would feel that way about you,

You seem too good to be true

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6 Responses to Too Good To Be True

  1. I truly loved reading this piece!! 🙂

  2. inhiscare753 says:

    Lovely, So beautifully expressed. The vivid imagery makes my heart rejoice. Tears rolling. The beauty of love.

  3. aruna3 says:

    Most lovely and beautiful.

  4. MAP195 says:

    nice share

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