Sometimes we take the game too far,

We play long after we shouldn’t be playing,

If you rationalize as a child would when your an adult that’s dumb,

I’m just saying,

I’m always gonna be me,

I just praying I can be a better me,

You don’t have to lose yourself to mature,

You just have to love and respect yourself,

That brings a positive attitude and good health,

Stress will kill you,

You have to relax and go with the flow,

I’m gonna let you know life is rough,

If you flip out over everything, life is pointless,

Don’t only stress during the journey of life,

Adapt to the journey and learn, grow, and pray for happiness.

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1 Response to Opinionated

  1. charlypriest says:

    Reblogged this on CRAZY LIFE and commented:
    It did resonate with me

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