A Girl Named Miracle

Here’s a story about a girl named Miracle,
When she came into the world her mom was just a girl,
A child raising children,
Not the blind leading the blind,
It’s a person living in an illusion of what they think life is supposed to be,
Miracle’s mom became a statistic some might say,
Miracle on the other hand had a chance at a brighter day,

She hated school,
The kids are cruel,
They picked at her name,
She felt ashamed of her family,
Their financial situation embarrassed her,
What’s a girl to do?

Miracle developed a cold attitude,
She had very few friends,
Always on the defense,
Everyone is out to get her,
She settled into what she classified as the ” hood” life,
She said she could never reach the good life,
She felt this way because of what she had seen,
Imagine giving up on life at only eighteen?

What’s next?
The story continues because life continues,
Miracle has a long life ahead of her, God willing,
It’s no one holding her back it’s all about how she’s feeling,
Everyone needs help,
But it starts with them making a decision,
I have a vision of Miracle happy and full of joy,
This is not only a message that I’m sending this is a real life story that has no ending

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1 Response to A Girl Named Miracle

  1. myplace3187 says:

    It is so sad that Miracle had such a horrendous young life. School kids are real bullies when they now no one is going to stop them picking on ones like Miracle. I pray that she and others like her choose the high road and stick it out. God will still love her but it is up to her and those around her to help her.

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