Step Up

Who is going to be?



Raise your hand if your willing to step up!

Oh you don’t want to?!

Fine I’ll do it then?

It’s not my responsibility I’ve heard,

That might be true,

But again who’s gonna step up?!


She needs someone right now,

I wasn’t there before but I’m here now,

She let me back in at a crucial time in her life,

I can’t leave,

I can’t replace the person who is supposed to be here,

All I can be is support for my Angel,

Trust me I know I messed up,

I know I can’t change the past,

I know they have all types of emotions for me and all or not good,

I should be ashamed and I am,

I also am a person who wants to shower you with all the love and attention that you deserve,

It won’t erase,

I just want to brighten your future in any way I can,

Thank you for letting me back in,

I’ll step up.

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2 Responses to Step Up

  1. YBP says:

    We need more of YOU to bless the world! ❤️

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