Rejuvenation is what’s needed,

Revitalization is what’s wanted,

Restoration is what’s prayed for,

Revaluations are going on,

Responsibility is what’s getting passed,

Reasonable actions are not being taken,

Resignations are not getting turned in fast enough,

Reasonable doubt doesn’t exist,

Rash decisions are being made,

Really old people are telling young people what to do,

Rest doesn’t come easy,

Resisting and complying can still get the same result,

Rumbles from leaders got us on edge,

Right and wrong seems to be blurry in powerful people’s eyes,

Remember the world is a big place,

Respect others life even if others don’t respect yours,

Ramifications for misdeeds do occur,

Recall your own sins before you judge others,

Risky are the actions of a person out to do harm to other,

Righteousness should be the goal,

Racism and senseless hate is trying to take control,

Resist the nonsense and stupidity,

Read between the lines,

Ready yourself for the challenge,

Right now is the time.

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