Just Thinking

How can I talk to you after all this time,

To apologize is not enough,

It’s no fixing the past,

So what do I do,



How ever you want to interpret it,

I say I’m lost,

Or lazy?

I just don’t know,

If I did know I’d do it,

Maybe in my subconscious I know exactly what to do,

I just refuse,

Afraid a failure,

I’m not afraid of success,

Everyone I know wishes they can put some of there past to rest,

Some times I question if I’m really blessed,

Or am I just faking it,

Taking it every day just to complain about another cloudy day,

If I put up more effort to maybe the will sun come out,

But I’m definitely not God,

Life is hard and I think I’m making mine harder,

Under thinking some important things,

And overthinking things that won’t matter tomorrow,

It might not be me because sorrow comes to everyone,

I’m just thinking…

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1 Response to Just Thinking

  1. Ah, the art of overthinking. I fall prey to that as well.

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