Love Lesson

There once were two individuals in love,

Completely different in every way,

How could this be?

What could a person like her see in him,

Doesn’t he notice her color,

How can he not, everyone else does,

He doesn’t have much money,

How can she deal with that,

What’s the attraction,…

Maybe real love does exist,

Love that breaks through all races and stereotypical thinking,

Looking deeper than the faces of others and trying to see the heart,

Real love is not Judgemental,

The kind of love that doesn’t focus on your flaws,

The kind of love that takes a pause daily to tell you how amazing you are,

The kind of love that helps you reach every star,

Maybe love isn’t this far away thing that can’t be obtained,..

Two individuals completely opposite in my eyes have opened my eyes,

Love is completely blind,

I think I have to approach love not only from the heart, but also from a open mind.

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1 Response to Love Lesson

  1. Love is best when two souls learn to let their differences join them. It is what makes each one unique and interesting.

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