I’m Just Wondering

I wish I knew exactly what to do,

I want to be positive that I do the right thing,

Can I be a good person,

(Is anyone really good?)

I want best out of life,

Live life to the fullest every second,

Is it possible to fear nothing but God,

Can I really do anything if I put my mind to it,

Can I live stress free,

Can I find true love,

Can I be satisfied,

Do I live in a place where dreams come true,

Can I be among the few who achieve there life long goals,

I know all of this isn’t possible,

But is any of it possible,

I’m just wondering…

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1 Response to I’m Just Wondering

  1. roninjax says:

    Excellent points. In a sense, we can do things on our own but it may not be the right and most effective things. I relish divine insight for my life as I can’t be “good” on my own. šŸ™‚

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