I’m Thankful

My long term goal is to make it to heaven,
Pie in the sky,
That’s better than this poison on earth,
My birth was known since the beginning of time,
So is my death,
I wish I could rewind time,
I’d make better decisions,
I would pray more,
I would love and adore all of the wonderful people who have come and gone out of my life,
I would explore more places,
The past is the past,
Now I’m in the present,
And it is my present,
I’m happy to be alive,
I’m happy I feel free,
In the back of my mind I know how it could turn out to be,
That’s why I’m thankful,
I’ve matured faster than I thought,
But life has brought baggage from my past,
It has cast a net on my entire world,
Now I feel like I’m fighting an endless fight against myself,
I’m thankful I’m still here to fight.

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2 Responses to I’m Thankful

  1. Wonderfully expressed.

  2. If you can…let the baggage go!

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