There are an infinite amount of questions I have for you,

But I’m scared to ask you,

Because after, I feel your perception of me might change,


From the very first time I felt your presence in my life I was different


Do people really know you


Are you respected like you should be


I know your power


I know your real

So much time in search of you,

Praying to God for real love on this Earth,

The pain you can bring is almost unbearable,

It can break a strong person all the way down,

But the Joy you can bring is straight from heaven,

You are what we all want,

You are what we all need,


In the beginning I took you for guaranteed,

Today I understand what you mean,

I can see you clearly,

With Love in my life I feel blessed,

Everything I do feels blessed,


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1 Response to Love

  1. This is a really nice poem to read. It’s very emotional and felt from the heart.

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