I Just Changed My Life

I finally got it out,

I said it out loud to another human being,

Seeing it from this angle I should have said it long before,

It’s not wrongs,

It’s not right,

It’s who I am,

I didn’t ask for it,

I didn’t want it,

It’s here and I deal with it,

Now it’s time to heal,

Time to feel happy,

I’m tired of sadness,

Tired of stress,

I’m wore out,

God did bless me with a super power,

The power is I could care less what anyone thinks,

It’s hurtful and helpful,

It’s still me,

People or gonna see what they want to see I can’t change that,

How God vies me and how I see myself is where my mind always is,

Even with that on the brain I still sin and have caused pain,

God sees me trying,

I don’t care if you do,

I finally said it out loud,

“I have anxiety disorder help me”

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3 Responses to I Just Changed My Life

  1. Newtan says:

    Wow awesome post my friend. 😊💖

  2. Hugs.. there is a path to happiness.

  3. csincere says:

    Thank you for your concern

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