You Walked Out

She broke my heart,

I cried for weeks,

Leaving me made me feel weak,

It basically crippled me,

That’s why I come to the determination I was in real love,

That is a validation because you had to know I loved you,


I told you,

I showed you,

You still walked,

” I can’t love you right now”

Your last words,

Right now?!

Well, when?!

I loved you unconditionally thick and thin,

I risked my freedom, friendship’s and much more for you!

And this is how you do?

I could have been better,

But I’m not a cheater or a lier,

Your a quitter,

Life hit both of us hard after you decided to leave,

I didn’t ask you to go,

If there is a wrong and a right in this God know,

You couldn’t stop loving me, because you never did,

Even though I really don’t like you,

I can never stop loving you,

I have moved on,

I just can’t forget the potential we had,

It’s your fault it went bad,

You Know why,

You walked out!!!!!!!!

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