Daily Battle

I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts,
It’s too crowded,
I constantly have to release them,
I pray to “him” because “you” can’t help me,
All you’ll do is pray for me too,
God is God,
My only hope,
My only love,
My father,
My friend,
My everything,
Oh I am a sinner,
But I still mean this from within,
God has my heart,
The world is trying to control my body,
The only thing I own is my decisions,
I decided that I love Jesus and I believe in God,
This flesh makes this life real hard,
A blessing and a curse,
“Thank you God for waking me up”
Is the first thing I say every morning,
I’m still learning,
Trying to grow,
I’m still me but my goal is to show gratitude to my creator by constantly getting closer to him,
It’s a battle every day

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4 Responses to Daily Battle

  1. roninjax says:

    Your words reflect the blessings we have – to be loved and forgiven. 🙂

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