I Get Lost In My Mind

I’m still fighting the power,
Still fighting the good fight,
My inner circle is real tight,
It’s a little cloudy, but I can still see the light,
I might just make it,
This chain I’m about to break it,
Even though life isn’t fair,
I could get there,
I’m positive I’ll succeed,
I got to plant that mental seed,
We all feel pain,
We all bleed,
I’m no different,
I don’t want to stand out or fit in,
I don’t want to have clout or get in,
I’m just a spectator on a brief sit in,
Trying to examine human life as well as enjoy it,
Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts,
Lost in my mind,
I find questions that can’t be answered,
Why do people hate,
Why is respect for all still a debate,
What is the worlds fate,
Is the hope for peace to late,
When is God coming back,
Does anyone have the date,
No answers,
Potential and hope,
No realization,…
I get lost in my mind.

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