We Won (Strong, Intelligent, Beautiful Women)

It was a dark and stormy night,
We were not looking for a fight but we found one,
Metaphorically and physically we were in a battle,
Some of the team wasn’t as loyal as others,
God thank you I had some true warriors on my side,
Not a man in sight when it was time to ride,
All the men in my life either ran or tried to hide,
Then later all lied and said they did their best,
Life is not a test,
You can’t pass or fail,
But if you bail out on your people in a war I personally think you failed,
God will forgive you he is full of Grace,
That night the only faces I saw were beautiful intelligent women to my rescue,
They fought harder than any man could ever fight,
Never left,
Never broke,
They stayed strong,
They stayed through the night and fought even when we were losing,
Never using life as an excuse,
I learned how to be a man in that battle,
I learned how to be a strong man by watching stronger women,
We won.

(This poem is a about my life and all the strong women that are in it. I have been blessed)

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