The Love Will Stay

Its been so long my thoughts of you or better than reality,

You have turned into a fantasy in my mind,

I choose to only find good memories,

The bad ones I do recall,

I will never stop loving you,

You’ll always be my girl,

How can I tell you your my world then stop loving you,

Your feelings might have changed according to you,

But I loved you with all my heart and that’s the Gods honest truth,

You never needed proof I showed you,

I’m real mad you walked out on me,

I won’t lie,

Life goes on all I can do is try to sort through all these emotions and feelings,

Its not like peeling off a bandage,

Because that pain goes away,

The pain you left me with will forever stay,

So will the love.

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2 Responses to The Love Will Stay

  1. _PritamDas_ says:

    Amazing it really moved me and when I just put myself in there it thrills. thankyou

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