Poetry For Pain

A new sunny day has started,

The clouds and rain have departed,

Should I stay inside,

Maybe go out and enjoy the weather,

I’m nervous of another storm,

It has been warm,

Everytime it’s hot things tend to happen,

Some good, some criminal,

It’s a gamble,

Very unpredictable this life,

I want prosperity and success to be my wife,

People come and go unexpectedly,

I just pray God sees the best in me,

Just like this day I have my sunny days,

The hurricanes and tornadoes do appear when the heat rises,

Mostly I’m cool like winter time,

That’s 99% of the time,

That 1% is why I rhyme.

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2 Responses to Poetry For Pain

  1. What beautiful poetry. Loved the end

  2. Rameen says:

    That’s a very nice poem. Loved it ❤

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