The Lost Lady

The Lost Lady who had no voice,

Now has a voice,

She can voice her opinion freely

The Lost Lady who could not vote can now vote,

She has a hope of voting for herself one day

The Lost Lady with a gleam in her eyes,

And a dream in her heart doesn’t feel lost anymore.

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9 Responses to The Lost Lady

  1. innervoice28 says:

    I love it …It’s deep and so wonderfully penned down

  2. beingalive says:

    Wonderful expression😊

  3. Thought for Change says:


  4. Such a lovely post… It breaks my heart how many young women (and young men) were born with this as an acquired right and yet, do not see it for the incredible gift that it is…

  5. Now the Lost Lady can stay found!

  6. roninjax says:

    Thought-provoking. Freedom to live life equally provides opportunities and release from the chains that bind.

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