Poem Full Of Anxiety

I’m just writing and thinking,

I can feel my internal clock blinking,

I’m freaking out inside, outside I’m cool,

I want a change,

Time is ticking, are my dreams out of range,

I feel strange like this can’t be life,

At least not my life,

I’m married to anxiety,

But I don’t want her to be my wife,

I want a divorce,

She’s taken me down the wrong course by force,

Time after time.

Rhyme after rhyme,

I talk to her,

We argue we fight,

I’m up late at night,

What do I do,

There’s more than a few who feel my pain,

I would stay in my lane,

But its bumpy and rocky,

No smooth rides here,

Nothing but anxiety and fear.

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3 Responses to Poem Full Of Anxiety

  1. Thought for Change says:

    This is just different and great. I hope you are fine.

  2. zeesviews says:

    You deserve that change🤗
    Beautifully expressed🙌🏻👍🏻

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