I heard Tommy made a baby,

But Tommy is just a teen,

(Who cares that has nothing to do with us)

Before you rush to brush poor Tommy aside,

Let me explain why you should be on Tommy’s side,


Tommy never met his father, and his mom abandoned him at an early age,

Raised in foster care because the rest of his family didn’t even bother to show interest in his life,

Its a fact that Tommy doesn’t even know, just because your raised in the streets around crime and drugs there’s other options then being a thug,

That’s just my opinion,

Still it seems Tommy doesn’t know in his circumstances he can still grow,

Now Tommy got himself a girlfriend,

His girlfriend got pregnant,

Tommy 16 she 15 now lets watch the joy end,

For the first few weeks Tommy acted like it wasn’t happening,

Its not like anyone cared or even dared to act sympathetic,

If anything they just let it get worse,

-Now Tommy’s girlfriend stomach getting bigger,

Her mom hates her now and that’s her only female figure,

Two young kids having a baby,

In love with each other but the stress is driving them crazy,

It seems like hard times will last forever,


Tommy girlfriend got kicked out,

Tommy started selling drugs so they could survive,

No doubt life is real,

Now Tommy got caught with that stuff,

Him and his partner had enough to be put away for along time,

His so called partner dropped a dime told the cops “everything’s not mine“, he even told about the guns and where to find them,

Because his partner didn’t want to take the rap solo,

Tommy 16 about to get charged as an adult man,

He’s got a girlfriend and baby at home,

How could he let this stand,

Now life is not worth living,

His lawyer said because of the gun and drugs the judge probably giving around 10,

A thug on the outside but a 16 year old scared child within,

Evening news: Youth drugged dealer found in jail cell hanged and Tommy’s his name.

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6 Responses to Tommy

  1. How said…there is always hope for others, no matter where they are and what they have done. Prayers for the girlfriend and baby that they may find support in their plight! ❤ ❤

  2. How sad! And yet so real because this does happen. And is happening 😦

  3. myplace3187 says:

    This is so sad and realistic on life from the streets. Young people getting into stuff they should not have to even know about. Lets hope some young teens will learn ways to stay in a good life. Thanks for sharing this.

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  5. lorriebowden says:

    A very true, powerful depiction. Thanks for capturing real life!

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