I don’t think my opinions matter any more,

If I agree with them they will adore me,

As soon as I step out of line it’s a problem,

I got all types of opinions and I know they are only mine,

I find unique people to befriend,

They have their own opinions and there definitely not mine,

Should I be afraid to have an opinion now,

Freedom of speech,


Freedom to have an opinion,


How can this be,

I can freely speak I just can’t say what I want,

And if I do I’m a horrible person,

The point is everyone has an opinion,

Everyone should be free to voice their opinion in a respectful non violent way,

I’m a young man but I don’t think I’ll live to see that day.

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4 Responses to Opinions

  1. You may live to see the day when we can all have our own opinions, but it will take a change in the higher educational system in order to teach students to be more tolerant of opinions they do not agree with! Good Job!

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