Looking Back

They selling drugs directly across the street,

I step outside in the yard and there’s no grass under my feet,

These street’s are hot in the summer time,

Hotter then others because of crime,

I’m only a spectator not a performer,

If I didn’t have this thick armor I would have fell victim,

Just another one lost and forgotten in the system,

Does that make me special,


I survived,

I can make a book of names of people I know who are in prison or not alive,

My drive has been to always be myself,

Too small to be a fighter,

A big bark but rarely a biter,

I knew if I did crime the noose would just get tighter,

I stayed out of trouble to make the burden on my mom lighter,

Thinking back maybe I didn’t experience enough,

I tried to walk the straight and narrow on a crooked road,

Now that was tough!

I messed up,

Maybe I should have messed up more,

From every mistake came a blessing,

I’m not confessing anything,

Just trying to shed light on my mysterious world,

I’m from the streets but I didn’t live them,

That makes no sense unless you know guys that lived in them,

God has always walked with me in them,

Right place at the right time over and over again even though I sin,

I know the kind of trouble I could be in but God looked out for me,

I’m a believer from what I’ve seen and not seen,

Life can be cruel down right mean,

I look at where I’ve been and where I’m going,

I’m Blessed

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1 Response to Looking Back

  1. Loved this! And blessed you are!!

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