What do you think of yourself

What do you think of yourself….

It’s complicated,

I definitely know my flaws,

Lazy at times,

Emotional at others,

Outspoken in wrong places,

Never like to see the faces of anyone I’ve ever hurt,…

I love myself,

I think I’m funny and cool,

I’m my best friend,

I know myself from within,

I’m in tune with myself,

Not attracted to wealth,

Full of love and dreams,…

I’ve made my mistakes in this life,

Can’t change the past,

I’ve changed lives I think,

Who knows how much control we really have,

I think I’m an imperfect sinner with a good heart,

I think God loves me…..

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5 Responses to What do you think of yourself

  1. roninjax says:

    Good insight. Life should be balanced in every aspect, including a healthy respect for ourselves without going over the line. Regardless of our sins and “missing the mark,” God does love us still and even came to dwell among us to prove that love.

  2. Great insight …. I personally saw all my faults and always saw other people’s point of view ….. unitl one day it all changed and l saw myself as a mug and used and abused. Then something miraculous happened God called me and l released that l had done things for other people all my life and it was exactly what he wanted …. 30+ years later and just know and all he has taught me am l beginning to see the light of his love in my life. You see l thought he did not have a purpose for me but realise he has a purpose for everything and only when you stop searching ..do you truly find that purpose Amen 🙏

  3. I am certain Gods loves you. An “imperfect sinner with a good heart.” Great line and description.

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