Love Questions

Will you ever find a love?….

Its not that my eyes are not open,

Its just that I’m hoping that I will find a perfect match,

At least real love,

My standards are not to high and I won’t lower them,

Anyone not understanding them apparently is not the one for me,

What are you looking for…..



In a good mood almost all the time,

Loves to laugh and is always optimistic,

We have to share a connection no one can break,

Loyal never fake,

True love,

No games,

There is no shame when I say these things,

If everyone only knew what true love can bring,

They would sing about it day and night,

I might be fooling myself to believe in true love,

The thing is I believe in God above,

He holds me in his hands,

I can feel his touch,

God made me a good man and for me to want a good woman is not to much.

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