How have you been,

Is life treating you well,

Both of us have figured out life isn’t a fairytale,

Your still on my mind often as you can tell,

Do you ever think of me,

So much time has passed how can love still be there,

How can I still care,

Life isn’t fare,

My life could be so much different,

I wonder if it would be better,

We’ll never know because you couldn’t handle a little bad weather,

Life is hard,

Its harder without real love,

When you walked out you changed a few lives,

How does that feel,

I really do love you so I wish you no ill will,

That still doesn’t erase past,

It also doesn’t shape my future,

No hard feelings,

I wish you the best,

If you wonder if I’ll always love you,


About csincere

How long have you been writing poetry? -Over 20+years. How did you first discover poetry? - I discovered poetry by accident around 8 or 9 years old. I was taking a science test and there was a question about the moon. My answer was in kind of poetic form and the teacher thought it was great. My answer was " The moon is like a flashlight and the sun turns it on". After that I kept writing poetry and started to read a lot of books. I also listen to a bunch of music, all kinds of music. Mainly R&B music. I put song lyrics in the exact same category as poetry. When did you first get anything published? -I was 12, a family member was in a contest at work. She was 16 years old working at a clothing store in the mall. It was a tshirt contest. They had to write a slogan or a poem. I wrote it she won, I got nothing except a bigger interest in poetry. I still remember some of the poem " Thank you expiration, For all your dedication, Throughout the years, You have dried tears, You've always been there, To protect and care" . that's all I remember. Why do you write? - 1. It helps me with stress. 2. I like being heard. 3. I love poetry I see some of my poetry like abstract art. I know what I'm feeling when I write them but I want the meaning to be open to interpretation. Also poetry as art to me not competition, every poet that loves poetry is great. I just love to write poetry, everything I write isn't about me personally. I just try to think of how I would feel in different situations. So even though every poem isn't about me it's still my feelings.
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8 Responses to Hello

  1. Thought for Change says:

    Love is strange.

  2. Loved it. Very beautifully penned

  3. worldphoto12 says:

    Buon fine settimana

  4. myplace3187 says:

    A lost love hurts when we recall it. Yet that love helps us grow more into the people we have become. I also think about lost loves through my life at times a lot the last few years. One still holds a special place in my heart. You write with a such power in your words.

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