Be Happy

Is anyone else paying attention to the negativity around the world,

I hope not because that’s a trap,

Negative issues are impossible to avoid,

Positivity is something that the world will try to void out of your life,

Don’t let them,

There is beauty out there,

Some people care,

Everyone is not crazy or out to get you,

You can’t trust everyone,

You can respect everyone,

Don’t let negativity steal your joy,

If you only have joy in the good times of your life, I pray you live a great life.

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5 Responses to Be Happy

  1. says:

    I am a Negativity Free Zone.

  2. Years ago I started to eliminate everyone negative from my life. Much happier now.

  3. Very true! The more we focus on negativity, the more we draw it in our life so its best to smile and be happy

  4. Other content is amazing here too

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