I could try to be someone else but that would be a waste of my time,

I am who I am,

I can be a better me,

Maturity and experiences shape and mold me,

Being myself makes me happy,

I don’t want to meet anyone like myself,

Uniqueness is beauty,

Not confidence I know my flaws and there are many,

I still would not want to be any other person then me,

I’ve disappointed myself thousands of times,

I’m so far from perfect….

Trying times,

Down right horrible times will come,

Still I pray there is no time that I won’t love myself,

I took time to get to know everything about me,

Weaknesses and fears,

Sitting alone shedding tears,

When I need motivation I motivate myself,

It took time and pain to get to this point,

Now when I look to blame someone for my mistakes the person I point at is the man in the mirror,

Then I say I love you anyway and I pray God keeps blessing me.

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