My First Poem

New and refreshing,

All the blessings that are in store,

I knocked and the door was opened,

I was lost now I’m found,

I have come full circle and searched all around,

I’ve been up,

Mostly down,

My entire sound I pray has changed,

My range is straight and narrow,

Instead of wide and spaced out,

I shout out for help every single day,

Sometimes it looks like he does not answer but he’s always there,

I got rid of my old poems of my past life because I was faking it,

Now I’m making it,

God is the reason why,

I cry often,

Sometimes from pain,

Sometimes from the strain of the devil on my back,

I lack of knowledge but I love God,

I’m not going back,

Its like prison not having God in your heart,

I would die if I go to that prison,

I confess for people to hear,

I’m a better father now,

A better son now,

A better friend,

I’m trying to get right within,

I love my my sisters and mother,

I’m a better uncle trying to be a shinning role model where there is none to be seen,

I’m not perfect but God is and I represent him,

I have water from up above now and I will never again thirst,

I’ve written thousands of poems but This is My First.

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5 Responses to My First Poem

  1. Splendid, simply awesome

  2. myplace3187 says:

    A wonderful heart felt poem written with love and wanting for God to be with you. Ask him for help and he will give it to you

  3. Nothing like beginning
    at the end destination.
    Tis truly something.

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