Define Love

Let me tell you exactly how I feel,

You are a dream come true in every way,

Every day I pray and thank God for you I want to make you happy all the time,

You are all I ever wanted and more,

I can’t put into words how I would feel if I hurt you or you hurt me,

I can’t see what the future holds but God knows I would be blessed if you were in mine,

You are a special person and I love you very much,

An angel without wings that changed my life,

I prayed for you,

I pray I always make you happy,

You deserve the best,

God I pray right now that you let me be a blessing in her life,

With or without me she remains in your care always,

I have fallen in love like a fairytale,

I never believed in it, now I feel love is unbreakable and strong,

“It’s a thin line between love and hate”,

I think otherwise,

I know real love is everlasting so there is no line,

I’m here to redefine my love,

You should always want to make who you are with happy not sad,

You should strive to be a blessing not a curse,

You should long to satisfy their needs and wants,

Don’t be jealous be gentle,

Don’t be overprotective be there when they need you,



Live for God is the main rule,

Last but not least you can’t over love,

Love who you are with with everything in you.

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