A Question I Can’t Answer

When I came into this world I was destined to be a sinner,

Some people think they don’t sin because its a “small sin”,

Like a “white lie“,

“White lie“,

“Blue lie“,

If you lie its a sin,

Your not an bad person if you sin,

We all sin,

The point that I’m trying to get you to feel within is,

Who am I to judge anyone?

Who are you to judge anyone?

It’s so hard not to judge because we all have opinions,

It’s just a thought….

How can sinners judge other sinners?

I don’t know but we do.

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2 Responses to A Question I Can’t Answer

  1. Thanks for this post…I have been working very hard at not judging but of course, I still catch myself doing just that. I guess being conscious of it is the first step…😊

  2. chattykerry says:

    Even my cat sins when she steals the bread…

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