Why Should I Wait

Every time I think of you I smile,

I’m really in love,

I can’t say it enough,

That’s how I feel,

I deal with so many other problems you are a bright spot in my dark world,

Just the thought of your smile makes my day better,

I use you as motivation to reach for more,

God knows I have no idea where she came from,

If I had one guess I would say heaven,

She is an angel to me,

God thank you for her I know you have blessed me,

I will never wait to tell her how I feel.

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2 Responses to Why Should I Wait

  1. Sadah says:

    This is nice.

  2. ProfessionalMentor says:

    It appears like you define the punchline / last line first and then build the poem – it is a marvellous style. I have done this too. It creates the craving to read on, and on till the end as that’s where the climax is building up to. Thank you for the wonderful post.

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