Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me go from the present to the past,

My childhood was not bad,

But it’s not what you would call pleasant,

Father was in and out,

My mother gave it all up for her kids,

She raised us in a very loving home,

But don’t get it wrong we had problems,

I have sisters no brothers,

I never got any talks about the birds and the bees,

I knew more about the rent and late fees,

To a degree I have lived a rough life,

My childhood was not a learning experience,

It was more like pain and love mixed into one,

Teenage years really did not get any better,

My mom tried to shown me right from wrong but I wouldn’t let her,

I thought I knew it all and I wanted love,

But through all my stupid, immature acts God blessed me from above with a child,

But to be honest that kind of made my life more wild,

I did more foul things after I had child than before,

I’m being honest,

Because I’m real to the core,

I have lied and abandoned,

Made so many mistakes,

No medicine or cure can help how my heart aches,

I was young and I messed around and hangout with the wrong crowd,

And look what happens every action has a reaction,

I’m an adult now and problems still are here I fear they will consume me one day,

I pray to God that I can help others all the time,

Not just in rhyme but in spirit and leadership,

Forget fame and money,

I want to survive and go to heaven,

And take as many people possible,

With me presently, I am getting better while my problems are getting worse,

But I’m not scared of guns, knives or even the hearse,

Because I know God and no one can take that,

I still have troubles,




And just life itself,

Wealth can’t solve it,

And neither can you,




About csincere

How long have you been writing poetry? -Over 20+years. How did you first discover poetry? - I discovered poetry by accident around 8 or 9 years old. I was taking a science test and there was a question about the moon. My answer was in kind of poetic form and the teacher thought it was great. My answer was " The moon is like a flashlight and the sun turns it on". After that I kept writing poetry and started to read a lot of books. I also listen to a bunch of music, all kinds of music. Mainly R&B music. I put song lyrics in the exact same category as poetry. When did you first get anything published? -I was 12, a family member was in a contest at work. She was 16 years old working at a clothing store in the mall. It was a tshirt contest. They had to write a slogan or a poem. I wrote it she won, I got nothing except a bigger interest in poetry. I still remember some of the poem " Thank you expiration, For all your dedication, Throughout the years, You have dried tears, You've always been there, To protect and care" . that's all I remember. Why do you write? - 1. It helps me with stress. 2. I like being heard. 3. I love poetry I see some of my poetry like abstract art. I know what I'm feeling when I write them but I want the meaning to be open to interpretation. Also poetry as art to me not competition, every poet that loves poetry is great. I just love to write poetry, everything I write isn't about me personally. I just try to think of how I would feel in different situations. So even though every poem isn't about me it's still my feelings.
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