I Miss You

I spend most of my time alone,

Listening to sad songs,

Thinking about all my wrongs,

I did bad,

As a brother,

A friend and a dad,

The problem is I’m angry with myself,

Wealth is what I never wanted,

I always just wanted you,

I knew and still know what I did,

I have a niece, nephews and a beautiful kid to look after,

I have to determine if I’m lazy or crazy for making the same mistakes twice,

For awhile my heart went cold as ice,

I’m paying the price for not doing my job,

I’ve been robbed of joy and blessings but I’m the thief,

I once was a loving, Compassionate, caring, responsible person

But now I’m the opposite of all of that,

You would not believe who I miss,

Who could it be?

To tell the truth,


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