Tracy McGrady Best Of All Time

How good was Tracy McGrady? I believe if his career had been injury free, he would have been known by many, as the Greatest Of All Time.
Before you disagree, look at some games of him in his playing days. He played the game effortlessly. T-Mac was like 99% talent 1% everything else. Half the time he looked like he was falling asleep. Cool as ice.
There are some NBA all time greats that benefited from Tracy McGrady’s pain. If he had played injury free some players might be missing some rings.
Hands down Tracy McGrady is in my top 3 best NBA players of all time. T- Mac was special. Tracy McGrady in the NBA Hall of Fame was only right. God blessed him with a tremendous talent, but due to things beyond his control he could not completely use them. For the time that he was on the court he was amazing, the best in my opinion.

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