Talking: A Collection Of Poems

Life Cost

I have to hustle,
I got to grind,
Speak my mind,
Need money,
Not fame,
Life cost,
What a Shame.

Risk Taker

Get it while it’s hot,
In a few year it might not,
How do you know if you’ll miss If you never give it a shot?

Working In My Favor

You did this to harm me ,
You wanted revenge,
You got it,
But its going to work in my favor.

Breaking Chains

I’m me,
Always will be,
Why can’t you see?
Look this is not free,
I’m a slave for the man,
Not for long gonna break those chains!

Run Your Race

Pointing the finger at me!
You got some nerve,
What purpose does your revenge serve?
Pay attention to your own life.

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