Retail Tales: There are Thieves amongst us!

In retail there are thieves, employees steal not as often as customers but it happens.
I have 15+ years of retail experience and I’ve never seen a customer get caught stealing, but I’ve seen more employees than I can remember get caught stealing. In various ways, credit card scams; stealing out of the register, taking merchandise…

1# Surrounded by Cash But I’ll Take A Credit Card
At the store I worked at there was a cash office employee. She decided that she would take customers personal information from credit card applications and open other credit cards for her own personal use.
Of course with the gigantic paper trail credit cards leave, it only took a few days for her to get caught.
I remember they arrested her on Halloween. I was walking into work at 7:55 am and I pass by my coworker dressed as a witch getting led out in handcuffs by a cop.The first thing I thought was ” those are some good costumes!”. She was dressed up for Halloween, but the cop was real. She got arrested and fired.
Less than a month later she started working in the cash office of a different big retail store. It was possible because she technically hadn’t been convicted of anything yet, so her new job didn’t know. My question was, how did she get a job so fast.
2# The Big Cash Register Heist
Money started coming up short on different registers for a few days. They didn’t know who was stealing because the thief was signing in under other employees name.
So they called loss prevention supervisors to fly in from store head quarters to investigate.
It was way over the top. They had 6 supervisors, and they all questioned each employee 1 at a time about stealing from the store in general, not just about this on going incident.
Then they set up cameras all over the store that we could see, even though there were cameras already there. Then they questioned us 2 at a time. This went on for at least 7 days!
Finally they caught the thief. It was this lady that looked like E. Honda from street fighter.
The cops came in and arrested her in front of everyone at lunch in the breakrooom. He came in and read her her rights in front of all of us and led her through the entire store in handcuffs.
It was a hidden camera that no one knew about that caught her. The other cameras they put around the store was just to through us off from the hidden cameras.
3# The Little Cash Register Heist
It was a silly lady that worked in the copy center who got caught stealing $5 dollars a day out of the register. It was exactly $5 a day. She said she did it for gas money.
Only $5 wow!!
4# Working and Stealing all Night
The store had a night crew to stock the shelves with product. One employee thought he could take electronics as he worked. He took software, cameras, hard drives.
He didn’t get caught fast, it took them months to figure out it was him. When they caught him, they gave him an option, give them the money for the value of all the merchandise stolen or get arrested. He somehow came up with all the money. He still got fired.
That is the only time I remember them negotiating with a thief. Every other time they just call the cops and they get arrested.

5# Do You Hear What I Hear
We had a guy that the manager could not stand because he was disabled. He was mad because he couldn’t work the register or sell electronics like everyone else.
This employee had hearing aids and his hearing aids had to have batteries. He had worked for the company about 15 years. Over that 15 years he had stolen several batteries from the store for his hearing aids. Somehow the manager convinced him to write and sign a confession to stealing the batteries over the years. After he wrote the confession they fired him.
He was wrong for stealing, but he was stupid for writing and signing a confession.
6#Road Trip
There was an assistant manager stealing cameras on the night crew and taking road trips out of town to pawn them.
He was an idiot, stolen merchandise is stolen merchandise, no matter if your in town or out of town.
It took awhile to catch him, but the pawnshops got him caught.
When the store realized it was him stealing he had already moved far out of town. I don’t know what happened to him but I would assume the cops caught up with him.

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