Ray Allen is Already in my NBA Hall Of Fame!

Ray Allen is one of my top 5 players of all time. I would put him at number #1 but he has some competition on my list.

What I liked the most about Ray Allen was he was consistently great. When he was in the league I called him “The hardest working man in the game.” Ray Allen put in the work all his life and it paid off, that’s inspirational.
Even though he wasn’t outspoken about it, he was fearless on the court. Look at all those clutch game winning shots he made. He looked very calm everytime. He wasn’t scared to take the last shot with millions of people watching him and his team and fans counting on him. That’s fearless, and he did that all his career.

Even though his time with the Boston Celtics was great, he should not be judge by that only. Ray Allen has was balling way before the NBA. Look at his career as a whole, not just a few years when you debate if he deserves to be in the NBA Hall of Fame. He deserves it, trust me.

Practice, preparation, and talent, in that order, is what made Ray Allen special. He deserves to be in the NBA Hall Of Fame.

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