Saying Something: A Collection of Poem’s

Live Your Life

Because you act like a child doesn’t make you one,
If it’s dark outside, doesn’t mean you’ll never see the sun,
Enjoy all of life,
You’ll wish you did.

The Journey Never Ends

The journey is never over,
Dreams will be realized,
Destinations will be reached,
Goals accomplished,
The end of your life on this earth will come,
I believe the journey does not end there,
The journey is never over.

Not Me

Money defines you,
Your clothes, job and social statues define you,
What people thinks matters,
You live to prove yourself,



Life is crazy,
Everyday I see something new that faze me,
I haven’t seen it all,
I don’t want to,
I do like knowledge,
Somethings I don’t want to know.

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