As I awake the first thing I do is thank the Lord I’m alive,
I know its a blessing to make it through the night,
I fight so many battles,
So many wars,
Every single day,
It gets tough at times,
I’ve even broken down a few times recently,
Peace you see doesn’t come naturally,
Its something that apparently is hard to find,
I don’t know where and in which direction my life is headed
but God knows I pray its in the right one,
Sometimes I feel I have no purpose in life,
nothing to keep me motivated,
keep me going,
Making me want to better myself.
I need that in my life right now,
So I can reach that next level,
I am so afraid of letting life pass me by,
Yes I cry and yes I try,
I just feel that I can’t figure it out,
Its like there is a formula to happiness,
and I just can’t find the right ingredients,
I pray at this very moment that I do find joy, love and peace

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