Real Thoughts

It seems so much easier to lose your way than to find the right path,

Who wants to be lost,

No one,

Everyone wants to feel they are doing what they are meant to do,

It’s so many things that makes me think “wow this isn’t for you“,

I’m true to myself but I can’t keep it hundred percent real with everyone else,

I have trust issues,

I think I know what I want,

But is it what I need,

I try to feed my soul with positive thoughts,

But this world is so stressful and the stress effects every part of life,

It shouldn’t,

But it does,

Some days I do feel completely lost,

Other days I feel hope deep down inside,

I hide so much pain,

Equally I also hide so much joy,

I’m really tired of hiding anything.

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Searching For Me

It’s hard for some people to find themselves, 

How am I supposed to act,

What words do I use,

What kind of personality do I have,

Should I be outgoing or to myself,

Should I chase happiness or wealth, 

What is my purpose in this life,

Who is a great example to follow,

Its confusing to most, 

Yet the majority boast that they have it all figured out,

I don’t believe them.

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Searching For A Hero

I’ve never understood having far away heroes,

People you see on TV and listen to their music,

Do you really think you know these people,

They could possibly be people that you strongly dislike if you ever really met them,

You don’t know these people you know their representative,

That’s why all my life my heroes were around me,

Family, friends, teachers,

I’ve had many heroes come and go,

But all my heroes I actually know,

My biggest hero on this earth is not an athlete,

Not anyone famous,

It’s someone God blessed me with,

My mother,

Don’t go out searching far and wide for heroes when you can find the most impactful ones around you.

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My Faith

Let me tell you something really deep,

Something close to my heart and soul,

I hold this closer to me than anything on this earth and beyond,

My faith,

I have faith because of all the examples and emotions that I have personally experienced in my lifetime,

I can’t and won’t force anyone to believe,

I’m not trying to be selfish right now but I’m just talking about me,

I have faith because of my grandmother and my mother,

Their faith was so strong,

So steadfast,

So real!

How could I not feel it,

I believe in my faith because of me,

You see I have always been searching,

Trying to obtain that strong faith I grew up seeing and still see,

Oh trust me it’s been a wild ride and I can’t hide my flaws and my mistakes,

I had some good and some bad breaks,

But deep in my heart I always believe I knew what was at stake,

I don’t take anyone’s word as complete truth,

I digest the knowledge and I search for proof,

I believe I have more than enough personal proof to believe that my faith is real,

Thank God

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Don’t Give Up

Just hold on please,

Don’t give up,

If your around to have these emotions and thoughts there is still hope,

Time won’t stand still and neither should you,

Keep going,

Keep trying,

Its not over,

Don’t look over your shoulder this is not a race or a war,

This is a beautiful blessing that you are privileged with every second,

Don’t ever think for a second about giving up.

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The Journey (Haiku)

Enjoy the journey

Even when the road gets rough

This is your one chance

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Today I Pray

Do you realize what today is,

This is a day of endless possibilities,

This is a day you didn’t have to see,

Today is a day for improvement and gaining experience,

Enjoy this day you will never see it again,

Don’t try to win the day,

Your still alive so you already won,

Try to make the best of day,

When problems arise, PRAY,

And keep trying,

When your full of joy and happiness PRAY,

Everyday might not be a good day,

But today is going to be your best day,

I pray

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Thinking About Me

I think the world of myself,

I don’t base my accomplishments on wealth obtained,

I don’t have a lane,

I’m off-road,


At least I think,

The flaws I see,

I know all my mistakes,

I’m the one making them,

I dislike when I fail,

I don’t want to ever purposely offend or disrespect God,

I’m so human and such a sinner it’s hard,

I still love the man I am,

I still love the progression I’ve made,

Even though I still have the shade of clouds from past decisions,

The sun is still there

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What We Thought Was Love

Young and full of what we thought was love,

We thought we were right,

We thought it was a good fight,

Us against the world for no reason,

Who would have thought after the seasons changed love would be gone,

Love is so powerful even fake love made us happy,

Temporarily, but still happy,

I thought you were an angel and you thought I was your prince,

The grass on the other side of the fence in this instance was definitely greener,

Love was nice with you at first,

Time made it meaner,

Wanting to be free to roam got between us,

You wanted to fly like a bird,

I wanted to stay grounded and safe,

The thoughts and dreams we had,

Did they all go to waste

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Leaving Is Not Always Bad

Think about all the things you would have been through,

All the nonsense and drama,

A bunch of stuff that made no sense at all has happened,

Violence never stopped it just got worse,

Every other day there is a hearse coming down the street,

Not many new faces, you still don’t meet anyone new around here,

Fear seems to cripple the city,

It’s a pity that it has to be this way,

It seems all we can do is pray,

I know you’ve been gone,

My advice stay that way

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