I’m Wise Enough To Know…

I’m wise enough to know I’m a sinner,

Also wise enough to know in the grand scheme of things I’m a winner,

I’m wise enough to know I know almost nothing,

Its great to be knowledgeable but it’s a big universe out there, I’ll never figure it out,

I’m wise enough know that I can’t lean on my own wisdom,

I have to lean on Gods wisdom,

I’m wise enough to know many people just don’t like me for whatever reason,

People will switch up on you just like the seasons,

I’m wise enough to know that money is important but it’s not the most important thing,

What does it really bring? It can’t buy me time, good health, or heaven almost all the things I want most,

I’m wise enough to know there are people who are wiser and smarter,

That still does not make them better,

I’m wise enough to know wisdom doesn’t come with age,

Wisdom can come at any stage of life,

I’m wise enough to know that I have done people wrong,

Rather it was intentional or not,

I’m wise enough to know that life can be hard,

I’m wise enough to know wisdom is a absolutely wonderful gift given directly from the hands of God

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A Great Day

I’m just happy to be alive,

I don’t care what anyone talking about if its negative or wasting my time,

I’m looking around and taking in what’s important,

God first,

Pray about everything,

Those are my only real stress relievers,

God watches over everyone not just believers,

That’s why I’m trying to enjoy my life at  every stage,

As I age I’m more and more thankful just to be around,

Everyday this side of the ground is a terrific day!!

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I Don’t Want To Be Hurt

I’m a person and I do have feelings,

I just can’t let them be palyed with,

So I have to be careful,

I have to be sure of what and who I
envolve myself with,

because if I don’t that’s not showing love for myself and my heart and even my health,

When they say love hurts they are not lying,

Love hurts love kills it heals,

It does it all so I dont want to be
a victim of love unless its in a beautiful

I stay close to God and love
because they are my best friends
through thick and thin,

I’m not broken I’m tired of playing games,

Love with no worrys or pains the rains and storms have already come,

My heart is on high alert,

I just don’t want to be hurt

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Sometimes I Want To Cry

You don’t know how many times I want
to break down and cry,

I feel like I go through so much pain,

God help me,

I want peace,

I want rest,

I want love,

This can’t be my life

This can’t be my world,

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to die,

But all I want to do is just cry.

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I’m Blessed

Lord thank you so much,

You have touched me given me life,

I know I don’t say it enough but thank you,

I love you with all my heart,

Every part of me is thankfull for your

I pray I’m not wrong,

This is so strong I can feel your presents everywhere I go,

I want to show how much you mean to me,

Problems come and go,

I sin everyday and fall short
in everyway,

I lay up at night and pray
thinking how I can be a better father,
son, brother, worker, but most of all
a better person for you,

My mind is always in constant thought
about these things,

I thank you God for blessing me and loving me

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This Is For My Love

This poem is to the light of my life,

The person I hope one day to call my wife,

To tell her how I feel, to tell her how it

kills my soul for us to be apart,

When she is gone she takes my heart with her,

So that means she always has apart of me,

Our love is like a tree in full bloom, and it is growing in everyway.

Every day I wish I could pour out my heart to her, but I can’t,

So thats why this poem is for my love, I love you.

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The Sunshine At The End Of My Day

At the end of my day I pray and thank God for you, because you give me hope at the time I need it most,

Sunshine at the end of a cloudy day,

and those three words you and I say constantly I Love You, makes me stay away from depressing thoughts,

I could have never brought myself to imagine that I would have an Angel all to myself,

You watch over me and I can see that you love me,

Thats why at the end of the day I look in those precious brown eyes of yours and my heart just cries,

I feel my eyes tear up and begin to pour because you honestly do try to make me happy,

Whatever you want,

Whatever you need, call on me and I will get it for you,

because no matter how hard it gets or how many problems come my way,

You will always be the Sunshine at the end of my day.

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Where do tears come from, they come from the soul,

If our tears came out red, would they come from the heart,

Some say tears are a sign of weakness, Some say love,

Some say when it rains God is crying tears from above,

There are tears of joy and tears of pain,

Sunny days and days of rain,

Our tears express both feelings, joy and pain love and hate,

We sould not debate what our tears really mean,

We should look in between each drop and count our blessings,

Without tears how would we expess our inner most feelings,

Some even say that their tears have dried up,

But I must say mine are still flowing and showing everyone around me
emotions that I need to express,

Things I need to confess,

So my tears are like, drops of my spirit,

When they hit the surface you can hear it,

If you listen very closely they tell a story of my emotions,

Tears I know they come from God

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Look at you,

What a absolutely beautiful creation from Gods very hand,

How on earth did I land in the right place to be able to see the most incredibly angelic face I have ever seen,

I mean your heavenly beauty caught my attention,

It was your mind and spirit that stole my heart,

I Love You

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I Don’t Know Friend?

If you had to cut someone off for treating you disrespectful and being a negative presence, is that wrong,

They have their good sides, most of the time it hides behind a person that likes to either complain or brag,

Should you forgive this person and let them back in because you’ve known them so long,

How about if this person was always involved in self inflicted negative drama,

On the other side they have shared many memories with you,

No one can make you laugh like they can do,

Memories and laughs and a little bit of loyalty,

Is that enough to combat,

The negative, disrespectful words, and all the constant complaining,

Maybe you have to let certain people go no matter how hard it hurts,

I don’t know…

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