This is a good race,

I’m getting a little tired,

I pray you can’t see it on my face,

Animosity and hate,

Not a trace,

Frustration and struggle,


I smile and laugh because I care about myself and others,

Who wants to be stressed all the time,

I got many problems very little solutions,

Negative thoughts tried to cloud my mind, it’s like pollution,

I don’t want to give up on anything I love in this lifetime,

I don’t want to give up on my dreams,

A smile isn’t always what it seems,

You can be positive swimming in an ocean of negativity and stay afloat,

But sometimes your legs get tired…

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I don’t know where your from,

Or what you do,

I’m just trying to show some love to you,

I don’t know what your thinking,

I don’t know what you believe,

I’m praying that you are blessed and you succeed,

I didn’t pay attention to how you look,

Don’t know how you live,

I just want to give your some encouragement,

The only thing I know about you is your a person and so am I,

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It Might Be You

People always want to be seen until others really start looking,

“I want to be noticed and show off, and tell all my business, but no one better gossip about me!”

“Stay out my business”,

Yet I can see all of it on the internet,

Don’t set the rumor ocean into motion and get mad when it doesn’t flow your way.

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The Money Man

He got a million dollar itch,

Only got a dollar to scratch it with,

Falling into that aged old pit,

Chasing something he’ll never catch,

And if he does catch it, he’ll be so spent he won’t know what to do with it,

Spending his entire life trying to get money,

Just to spend all his money to try to get his life back,

Incurable sickness, old age, a heart attack,

Money can’t do anything for any of that,

There’s nothing wrong with money,

It’s how you get it…

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Looking Out My Window

I’m looking out the window I see a little bit of everything,

I wonder what you see,

My view is different from yours,

Doesn’t make it right,

Can’t say it’s wrong,

I see the sun shining in dark places,

Either it’s a bunch of people getting caught,

Or a bunch of people lying,

I see people crying ,

Others trying to be famous,

Some just want to be noticed,

It’s people actually trying to help people,

Others are just talking about helping,

I also see angry people, just mad at any and everything,

What I see will bring change for better or for worse,

I want to see justice when I look out,

I’d like to see respect,

What do you see when you look out the window?

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When I Watch The News On TV I Think…

If you can find something negative in everything,

You can find something positive,

It’s easier to find the negative for some reason,

People say they want positivity but pay the most attention to the negativity,

The news says “If it bleeds it’s leads”,

The news is just planting more seeds of fear and negative vibes,

Using real lives as entertainment,

A few minutes of real information surrounded by I don’t know what to name it..

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How can you speak for me and tell others how I feel,

One person can’t speak for everyone,

I don’t even know you and you don’t know me,

You only assume we agree,

Hold on everyone,

Don’t jump conclusions,

Just because it appears we have things in common doesn’t mean we’re in collusion,

It’s really not as confusing as you make it seem,

You speak for you and I’ll speak for me.

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A Voice (Haiku)

Powerful and strong

Can be used for right and wrong

Everyone has one

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It would be easy to leave it alone,

But you keep bringing it up,

By doing the same thing,

Bring change by forgetting an forgiving an offense,

Bring change by stop commiting the same offense over and over,

A grain of sand problem has become a boulder,

Now it feels like everyone looking over thier shoulder,

Oh God I wish I had the answer,

Lack of constructive communication is becoming a cancer.

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Time Clock (Haiku)

Recording my time

The sound of the beep is sad

Just when I clock in

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