Our Last Kiss

This morning I woke up to a note on the pillow beside me,

It read…

I know a note on a pillow seems very cleché,

But I’m sorry I’m leaving you today,

I wish I could have thought of a better way,

I just can’t stay,

I have to get away,

Why am I leaving,

There are several reasons,

Trust me this is so difficult I’m barely breathing,

I know you, and when you read this your going to be worried or seething,

For a long time now your always in a bad mood ,

I tell you I love you all the time with no response,

That’s just downright rude,

We never go anywhere because you’re antisocial to a fault,

Because I have friends and you don’t you act like it’s my fault,

You have no motivation or drive,

Just a bunch of complaints and problems,

Because your sad I don’t want to be,

I had to open up my eyes and see,

Life is short,

I don’t mean to sound selfish but I need to look out for me,

I’m not going to tell you something that’s not true about me leaving,

Its definitely not me it’s all you,

It’s your fault,

Time doesn’t stop and wait for you to change your attitude and neither am I,

I feel like a coward because I couldn’t look you in the eyes and tell this,

I don’t hate you,

I actually do love you and I will always remember our time,

But I’m moving on,

There are things about you I will truly miss,

Remember me,

Remember our last kiss…

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God help me,

I want to be what you want me to be,

I don’t want to just appear that way so other people can see,

That won’t do me any good,

Acting like someone your not is futile,

Acting polite,

Acting professional,

Acting like your in love,

Acting like you have faith in God above,

Why is it all an act,

Can’t it be real,

The world might not know your acting,

God does,

Are we all actors in are day to day lives,

Remember this is life not a show,

When the curtain closes and the audience is gone,

Then what?

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I get scared I think everyone does,

Some people are scared to admit they’re scared,

At times I get fed up with being scared,

Have you ever been afraid to not be afraid?,

That all your fears are real and legitimate,

That you might actually have a reason to be afraid,

Have you ever laid up at night afraid and alone,

Your looking for help but nobody’s home,


What a horrible emotion,

No medicine or magic potion can help you with fear,

You can call it meek to admit fear,

You can call it weak to admit fear,

I call it honest,

I call on God to help me with my Fears

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I Hope Your Surprised

I really hope your surprised at the man I really am,

I know you’ve probably heard things and you have your own thoughts,

You could be completely correct but I’m tired of hiding,

When you read this look at it from the view of a person pouring their heart out,

A person using poetry as therapy,

Using poetry to talk to God,

Using poetry to ease thier stress,

This is who I am…

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Know This

Know that I love God more than anything in existence,

Know that I know that I am imperfect, I am a sinner and I’ve messed up countless times,

Know that I’m a very artistic deep thinking individual with magnificent thoughts and ideas,

Know that even though I know I am a sinner I love myself because God wants me too,

Know that when I write,

No matter how simplistic,

No matter if it’s short,

No matter the mistakes,

No matter if it rhymes,

It all comes from my heart , my soul and my mind!!!!

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My Love

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long my love,

I have missed you,

There have been so many emotions I’ve been going through,

I’ve been stressed out and depressed,

I’ve been struggling and in pain,

God gave you to me like and umbrella in the rain,

Like a shield to ease some of my pain,

I’m sorry my love but trust me I’ve still been constantly calling on Gods name,

I just didn’t know what to say,

I was in tears everyday,

Now it’s time for a change,

Nothing odd or strange,

I’ve shared you with the world but not my world,

Some people understand my love for you and others don’t,

That’s why I’ve been hesitant to share my love,

But God told me if he gives you a present from above let it shine for the entire world to see,

The gift God gave me was me being me,

You my love are a way for everyone to see ….

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You Remind Me Of

Do you know who you remind me of?,

No one,

And it’s so refreshing,

Uniqueness is beautiful,

One of a kind art is valuable,

You are a one of one,

A pure masterpiece

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Another Day

Another day has arrived, and I thank God I’m alive,

My drive is much more than only to survive,

Not only do I want to enjoy this life, I want to help others enjoy it as well,

How many times have I fell?,Countless,

I’m standing now, that means I was blessed enough to keep getting up,

My time is priceless,

And so am I,

Please God in this life let me laugh more than I cry,

I try from day to day to make things different,

Of course I can try more,

For all my sins God forgive me

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The Rain

When it rains where I live everyone gets wet,

Their is no set group of people who don’t feel the rain,

No group that doesn’t ever feel pain,

It doesn’t rain everywhere at the same time,

The sun is shining on someone while its raining on others,

The rain doesn’t differentiate one person from another,

Everyone has felt the rain, it’s no avoiding it,

Refrain from thinking your the only one,

Thank God and be appreciated when the sun does shine on you,

Because eventually its going to rain,

My umbrella (Faith-Prayer),

My shelter (God),

I pray that the sun shines on us all

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Real Thoughts

Don’t come out of character trying to be cool,

This is not a popularity contest,

This is life!

The number of people who think your cool won’t add up to anything important,

Entertaining gossip and a bunch of nonsense talk won’t get you anything either,

What’s nonsense talk?

Constantly complaining,

Constantly negative,

Constantly putting someone else down,

Even the sound of me complaining gets on my nerves sometimes,

Just because everyone around me is having a complaint party doesn’t mean I have to join

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