First Kiss

My first kiss I remember vividly,

My first kiss now I wish I had missed,

The list of life changing events after that kiss is almost infinite,

Its inconceivable that something so innocent, and what I thought at the time would be forgettable,would change my life forever,

I was in my right mind,

I didn’t have the correct mindset,

I just let childish emotions get the best of me,

Who would have thought that one kiss would also take the rest of me,

We were two kids trying to be grown,

Wanted to figure life out on our own,

I don’t condone my actions at that time,

I’m saying I made some very spontaneous and uninformed decisions,

I’m still living with many of them,

That first real kiss was a choice I’d like to take back,

I had a lack of judgment and discernment then,

From within I know it had to happen,

That kiss did bring something “Beautiful ” into this world,

That first real kiss

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Getting To Know You

If you really knew me,

Would you like me or love me,

Should we really get to know each other or leave it a mystery,

It’s been people I’ve got familiar with in the past and afterwards it cast a shadow on our relationship,

We could have been friends forever if we had stayed in a certain space,

Our space,

Instead we had to be all up in each others face,

Now we don’t like what we see,

Maybe some information isn’t made for me,

If it doesn’t effect you in a negative or a positive way why do you care at all,

Is really getting to know each other where we fall,

Or all situation different

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High school Stories the First Day

1. The school bus didn’t show up in the morning: It’s my first day of High school, I’m at the bus stop over an hour no bus shows. My mom calls the school, they say “Charlie” the bus driver was supposed to pick me up. My mom had to leave work and take me to school 2 hours late, and we found out Charlie quit. His replacement was a lady with a deep raspy voice, that sounded like her name should be Charlie so the kids called her Charlie. She drove the bus for 3 years, she would drive so slow in the first year we were 30 minutes to an hour late every morning.

2.Every Housing Project in the city: The school bus ride was more than an hour long . There was a bus stop at every housing project in the city, no matter how far away. The city was running out of space in High Schools so they started ours, and they had open enrollment no matter where you lived in city limits. My High School was an experiment by the city. Our school had more than one school bus, but it didn’t seem like it.

3.Are these students are parents? I went to a very small High school, so small it was only 2 freshman my first year.There were multiple 21 year old men going to the school.Twenty one is the cutoff for High school where I live, which is crazy, I graduated at 17.

I often wondered my first year, if the school only has 2 freshman, am I taking advanced classes or are they taking classes over and over again? Between the 2 freshman and the 4 or 5 students old enough to drink, many things didn’t make sense in High school.

3.My High School was a new High School in a old building with old students.Before it was a High School it was a school for students with behavioral problems. As kids we knew it as the school they sent you to if you got into too many fights. Someone had the bright idea of turning it to a regular High school, but leaving the kids of High school age there, who were already attending the school. That turned out to be almost 90% of the school. So essentially it was the same school but they just added a few students without behavioral problems. It was a big change for me.

4.Not many fights. Just because of our surroundings and many other things,I thought it would be a fight every day. It was a fight every year. It was a bunch of respect for everyone in High School. No bullies or harassment. High School was like peace in the middle of chaos.

5.I almost got hit in the head with an apple. The school was 2 floors and a basement with no elevator. It was two sets of stairs on both ends of the building. I was walking down the stairs when a apple flys pass me so close it grazed me and explodes on the ground. I look up ready to argue with someone, I looked up and I thought I saw Biggie Smalls the rapper. It wasn’t him but it was this guy named Big B who had an uncanny resemblance to Biggie Smalls. He played up to it by trying to dress like him too. Not only did he look like him in the face, he was about his physical size also. So when he almost hit me with an apple, I looked up ,I looked right back down. Wasn’t trying to get beat up why the Notorious B.I.G. on the first day of High School.

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Still Rolling

This has been a smooth ride in comparison to what it could have been,

I know I turned down a few side roads,

Dirt roads,



Even a few Drives,

I absolutely believe without a doubt that God is the only way I have survived,

If I had stayed on the main road this trip would be different,

Maybe I would have reached more destinations,

Or maybe I would have reached my final destination,

I’ll never know,

Thank God I’m still rolling,

I pray for smooth ride

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Value Your Time

Try to celebrate every victory,

Celebrate everyday,

You’ll wish did,

Prayerfully you will be an adult longer than you were a kid,

You don’t want to look at things you did and wish you got more out them,

Don’t be so concerned about wasting money,

You better be concerned about wasting time,

I’m not teaching or preaching I’m reaching into my heart and soul,

Don’t wait until you get sick or very old to see the value in time

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Speak For Yourself

I won’t speak for us I’ll just speak for myself,

The wealth of knowledge each of us obtain is priceless,

You have to see the value within yourself,

I’m not going to say no one cares,

I will say no one cares about you like you should care about you,

You can call it selfish,

Self centered,

I call it true!

How are you going to love anything or anyone, if you don’t love you.

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Sincere Thoughts:Know It Alls

Know it all people are annoying.

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Sincere Thoughts: Be Yourself

Always be yourself.

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Sincere Thoughts:Opinions

Everyone has an opinion. It’s okay to if you don’t agree.

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Sincere Thoughts: Someone is Not Going to Like It

Anything you do in life someone is not going to like it. That’s just how it is don’t let that bother you.

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