You Remind Me Of

Do you know who you remind me of?,

No one,

And it’s so refreshing,

Uniqueness is beautiful,

One of a kind art is valuable,

You are a one of one,

A pure masterpiece

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Another Day

Another day has arrived, and I thank God I’m alive,

My drive is much more than only to survive,

Not only do I want to enjoy this life, I want to help others enjoy it as well,

How many times have I fell?,Countless,

I’m standing now, that means I was blessed enough to keep getting up,

My time is priceless,

And so am I,

Please God in this life let me laugh more than I cry,

I try from day to day to make things different,

Of course I can try more,

For all my sins God forgive me

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The Rain

When it rains where I live everyone gets wet,

Their is no set group of people who don’t feel the rain,

No group that doesn’t ever feel pain,

It doesn’t rain everywhere at the same time,

The sun is shining on someone while its raining on others,

The rain doesn’t differentiate one person from another,

Everyone has felt the rain, it’s no avoiding it,

Refrain from thinking your the only one,

Thank God and be appreciated when the sun does shine on you,

Because eventually its going to rain,

My umbrella (Faith-Prayer),

My shelter (God),

I pray that the sun shines on us all

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Real Thoughts

Don’t come out of character trying to be cool,

This is not a popularity contest,

This is life!

The number of people who think your cool won’t add up to anything important,

Entertaining gossip and a bunch of nonsense talk won’t get you anything either,

What’s nonsense talk?

Constantly complaining,

Constantly negative,

Constantly putting someone else down,

Even the sound of me complaining gets on my nerves sometimes,

Just because everyone around me is having a complaint party doesn’t mean I have to join

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I Don’t Have What You Want

I want to help you, but what I have to give you don’t want,

I want to give you love and advice,

You want financial assistance and an emergency contact,

That’s the main reason we lost contact,

If you don’t get what you want from me I already know how you react,

Mostly in anger and a bad attitude,

I’ll just say it, you are simply rude when you don’t get your way,

I pray for you constantly,

That’s all I can do,

I don’t have what you want,

But I do believe I have what you need,

Love, advice and compassion,

What you want from me will fade,

What I want to give to you is everlasting

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The Same Brush

There once was an artist,

He painted several unique one of a kind portraits,

Many of them resembled one another,

And all of them had the same characteristics,

Yet each and every single one of them were profoundly different,

The artist always had different things on his mind when he created his art,

But the root of all his art came from the same place,

The artist seemed repetitive in his message within his art,

Each piece of art was hand crafted by the artist,

Each and every integral detail, the artist took his time formulating,

Never ever in a rush,

And he never painted all his beautiful, spectacular, amazing, pieces of art with the same Brush

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Do you ever feel like your running,

Always trying to finish one race to get to the next one,

Never have time to pace and catch your breath,

No time for rest you got to finish the race,

Lace up your shoes and get to running,

Gunning for a opinionated prize,

Trying to rise to this mysterious level,

Never relaxes,

It taxes on the body and mind,

But you keep running,

Until you can’t run anymore,

All that running,

I pray it was worth it

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Time is Ticking

If its something you can do today that you haven’t, do it,

Say what you have to say today because tomorrow is not promised,

There are certain things in life that can be done, but there put off,

They may not easily be done from a meantal standpoint,

But they can be done,

You don’t know if the sun will rise in your world tomorrow,

We pray that it does,

Because its not a guarantee,

Be wise with your time,

Don’t just take it from me,

That’s reality.

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Thought: I Was Naive

I used to be very naive, as I seen more and more its slowing fading away. What I mean is I’ve found out some weird,  nasty, criminal stuff about people who claim the total opposite. 

For example, I used to work with this male manager and a female associate. The female associate I was actually friends with,  all she talked about was God and going to church, and how great her husband was. She made it seem like she was a model of perfection. The male manager was very professional, followed all the rules at work. He preached professionalism and honesty all the time. Come to find out they had been having and affair over a year. I was only 17 so that blew my mind. I felt deceived and I had absolutely nothing to do with it. That’s just a small example, I’ve seen much worse.

I used to say “I always find out people crazy later on”. Now I’ve seen almost everyone do things that shocked me. It helped me to not judge people, because I don’t know what people do behind closed doors everyone might be crazy too me. I also know people might think the same of me.

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Happiness (Haiku)

I love this feeling

This is something I yearn for

A true gift from God

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