The Big Picture

When it comes down to it,

Some thing’s are irrelevant,

Other things mean very little,

In the end the last thought on your mind won’t be fame, fortune,  racism,  politics…

If it is I don’t know what to say,

Because to me all that stuff is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things,

Gossip, popularity,  money!

Those things are less than half of a grain of sand in Gods hand,

When I bring to mind the thought of the most important things in this existence the list is short,

Important things: God, family, Love, You,

I can’t emphasize this enough because I believe it to be true,

Don’t let the hate of the world distract you from the Love of God

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If my mind is ready and prepared I’ll be better,

If I have positive thoughts and God on my mind I’ll be a much better man,

If I decide to firmly take Gods hand and walk a straight path my faith will increase,

If I truly believe in God in my heart,mind, body and soul, I won’t be afraid of what happens when this life does cease,

If I struggle with any of these things it doesn’t make me a horrible person, it make me a person

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Do You Think Of Me

I woke up with thoughts of you on my mind,

The good and the bad,

I wonder at this point do you ever think about what we had,

Do you ever think about me,

I never see you in my dreams,

But sometimes you do haunt my thoughts,

I really did love you,

I really do love you,

But now the thoughts of you are better than reality,

I believe in love and anything could happen,

In my heart that part of my life is over,

But you still cross my mind,

Do you think of me?

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My Words


My words will prayerfully have a positive impact for a very long time,

Every word doesn’t have to rhyme,

Every word does have meaning,

The simplicity of my words at times does not match the sophistication of the thoughts in my mind,

Positivity is what I preach,

Positivity is what I want and search for,

I’m still human and my words also reflect pain and sorrow at times,

I pray I’ll never get tired of writing and talking about Love,

Love for God and myself,

How I see happiness as wealth,

I want my words to live on for eternity,

Not to be famous,

Not for recognition,

I want my words to be seen as art,

Art from the heart of a poet who wants to please God even though he is a sinner,

Words from a person that believes that every single breath he takes makes him a winner,

My Words

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My Problems Your Problems

This might seem odd to say,

But I wouldn’t trade my problems and issues with anyone,

I have many problems that I’d like to go away,

But I wouldn’t want your problems any time any day,

I don’t know whats going on in your head,

I don’t know what lead you to have these problems,

My problems are tailor made just for me,

God knows exactly how much I personally can take,

That’s why I would never take your problems,

I don’t care if you’re rich and powerful,

I don’t care who you are or what you have,

I don’t even know where you got it from or how you obtained it,

My problems are mine and your problems are yours,

I don’t “wish” to be like anyone,

I pray that God blesses and helps me with all of my difficulties in this life

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I feel like I can rarely let my guard down if ever,

I don’t usually trust anyone’s motives,

I’m not uptight,

I just keep everyone in my sight perceived friends and enemies,

Its daunting and exhausting task at times,

But in the past when I did let my guard down my heart was attacked,

I can’t go back but I can learn a lesson,

I don’t like being this way because I feel alone in a crowd,

Surrounded by people,

Yet still alone

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Saying What I Think

Sometimes I let random small things bother me,

Its mostly something someone said,

I let some kind of rudeness or disrespect get in my head,

This has always lead me to be a quiet person,

Because I don’t like to react and escalate,

Occasionally words come out and it’s too late

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Just A Thought (Picky People)

There are people I prefer not to be around, but there is one type that stands above them all. I call them “Picky People “. The kind of person that makes fun of everything about you all the time.

They purposely pay close attention to the way you speak and you facial expressions so they can pick at that. They pick at your physical appearance, the way you walk, your clothes, house, car… just any and everything. I’ve known way too many of these type of people and I still do. Now that I’m an adult I choose to be in presence of people like this as little as possible.

I know people like this from age 17 to 77. Just picky people. I have a few other words I call them but I’m trying to work on my language.

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Everyday the same

Nothing seems to be different

Blessing or a curse

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My Mind Doesn’t Work Like That.( A Thought)

I do not like playing card games. My brain just won’t allow me to learn to play. Growing up my friends and family never ever played cards together. We played Uno an other board games.

As I got into my teens, friends often found it strange I couldn’t play cards. As an adult not knowing how to play any card games people think I’m insane. I could imagine it’s a bunch of fun if I actually liked it. Since I don’t it’s like torture.

Over my life it’s been several times I’ve been begged to join a card game because they were short a player. I’m just sitting there looking dumb not having one clue of what’s going on. People have unsuccessfully tried to teach me but it doesn’t work. It’s like I have a meantal block when it comes to playing cards. I don’t consider myself a genius by any means, but I’m far from an idiot. I just can’t play cards.

This crossed my mind when I saw someone trying to force their child to learn how to do something that was completely useless, and the child just couldn’t get it. The parent was getting really upset. I’m thinking, ” What your getting upset about that he can’t do might not be for him, everyone can’t play sports and a variety of other things. His mind just doesn’t work like that “.

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