One Uppers

Do you know what a “One Upper ” is?

It’s a person that usually gossips,

A person that talks all the time,

What stands out the most is they usually lie,

And try to compete with you in regular conversation,

If you found a dollar today, yesterday they found a hundred dollars,

If you were sick last week, last month they almost died,

Whatever your complaints are they have worse complaints,

And whatever your blessing are they have been blessed a thousand times more,

For all the “one uppers” out there we know who you are,

Your annoying and you live a fake life and its mainly only in your mind,

Please find a way to stop making stuff up,

Stop lying,

And please stop trying to one up any and everything people say to you.

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With everything going on this is what your focusing on,

Get your priorities straight,

Don’t fall for the bait,

This is serious,

There are no do overs,

No second chances,

Who cares about nonsense right now,

Right now we need to pull together for one goal,

That goal seems to be survival.

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Am I looking in the mirror,

Or is the mirror looking at me,

Am I a product of my environment,

Or is it all I see,

So it’s all I know how to be

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What Am I Saying?

Watching other people live and experience life,

Studying the moves of complete strangers,

Celebrities are interesting to the world,

They look like they are having so much fun,

None of this spectating is going to do any good,

We should be out there living not watching other people live,

Giving more attention to what’s going on in someone else’s life than your own is a waste,

A waste of time,

I’m a victim of watching the game and not playing,

What am I saying?

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Its remarkable how I can remember the bad parts of life in full detail,

Yet my memory seems to derail when it comes to vividly recalling the good,

I’ve had more than my share of sunny days,

I’ve been blessed with good weather,

Often I have to praise God for all that he has done for me,

But when I look back I still can see those bad times in detail,

The tales of a person trying to figure it out

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The Observations Of CJ: High school pt1

How did you like high school? High school was the best times of my life. I learned how to become an observer and not a participant. I also learned that everyone doesn’t have to try to be a tough guy or be someone your not. High school made me become comfortable being myself no matter what.

What was your high school like? My high school was different. When it was time for me to start high school all the high schools had overcrowding issue where we lived. The city decided to start a new high school to help with the overcrowding. They took a Juvenile Detention center school and turned it into a regular high school. All the kids that were there that were not high school age got placed in different schools , but the kids that were of high school age got to stay. When I first started, there were bars on the windows, and some students were on house arrest, all they could do was go to school and straight back home. Also for the first few months I was the only freshman in the entire school! After the first year it gradually grew in size and we got a bunch of new students.

Do you ever see anyone from high school? I only see 2 people from high school occasionally. One I don’t ever want to see, the other was the coolest, funniest most confident person I’ve ever met in my life. He is one of the strangest looking people I’ve ever seen, but he was so cool and so charming that no one seemed to notice anything about his appearance. This person doesn’t even know, but he kind of changed my entire outlook on life. He showed me if you are confident in who you are and you treat people with respect, most of the time you’ll be ok. The coolest people in my high school were the most unique people in my high school. They looked different, talked and dressed different. There was no so called “crowd” to follow, everyone did their on thing, but we all got along.

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Thank God for my place of peace,

A place where I can go and feel completely free,

A place of comfort,

It’s a place that I feels belongs to only me,

I’ve been so blessed with this place,

I have faced many obstacles here,

I’ve had fun,

I’ve grown and matured,

I love this place

I’m so thankful I’ve been blessed to be here

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The Observations Of CJ: High school pt2

How was the first day of high school? It definitely wasn’t my best day of high school. First the school said the bus would pick me up a block away from my house on the first morning of school. The bus didn’t show up, and my mom had to leave work and take me to school. I was over an hour late. When I get to school I realize everything that the principal of the school told my mom to convince her to get me to go to this school was a lie!

Were you ever scared in high school? Scared no, anxious yes. I only got bothered one time in high school. I was in biology and another student decided out of nowhere to get up and take my bookbag and go back to his seat and just start going through my stuff. I couldn’t let that just happen. I went to the roughest highscool in the city, if I let one person bully me it would invite others to do the same. I was extra small in highscool, and the guy that took my bookbag had some behavior issues. Also he was way bigger than me. I didn’t care. I walked right up to him and told him to give me my stuff back. He jumped up out of his seat and stood in front of me, then he pushed me. I don’t know exactly what was running through my young teenage mind, but I punched him in the jaw quick. Pow! It shocked him, the teacher and everyone else in the class. No one saw that coming. He went to grab me when this other guy who was bigger and older than both of us slammed him on a desk and held him down. He eventually calmed down and got kicked out of class. The guy that slammed him on the desk didn’t get in any trouble at all. That’s the only time I can recall being a little scared in high school. The guy that I hit turned out to be crazy for real, he serving a life sentence in prison right now for some horrible crimes.

How were the teachers at your high school? Weird. Some of the teachers that were there had been teaching at the school for 20 plus years. The thing is they were used to teaching at a juvenile detention center, not a regular high school. It was good in some ways and odd in other ways. They were so used to being around kids that were out of control all the time they didn’t adjust their teaching methods. Even though they were kind of weird they were always respectful, I can’t recall one teacher I disliked. The teachers got along with almost all the students.

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Motivate Me

I’m very hopeful for tomorrow,

I’m thankful for today,

Blessed for the moment,

Can I think of countless complaints,


Does anyone care other than me,

Probably not,


Because they have their own complaints,

I use restraint everyday,

God knows I pray about everything,

I try to not let trivial things break me down,

Health is more important than money,

Time is more valuable the riches,

Love is priceless,

Faith without works is lifeless

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Out Of My Control

We have no control over the weather,

The future is out of our hands,

Nothing can be done about the past,

You can’t make someone love you,

We can’t control time,

I believe I personally can control only two things in this life,

And even those extremely difficult to control,

My decision and my reactions

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