Pretending to Be

Do you do good things for others because you want them to think you’re a nice person,

Or because you really are a nice person,

That can also go the opposite way,

Pretending for someone else’s sake,

Even the blind can spot a fake.

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How Does It Feel

Today I want you to know that I love you,

I mean I really love you,

You come second in my life,

Second doesn’t sound so great until you think about who your second to,

I love you more than myself,

I love you more than the air I breathe

I have told you these words and that’s why I absolutely believe our relationship changed, 

There is a difference in between saying something and what you really mean,

You know I mean it, 

I show you I mean it,

How does it feel to really be loved

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Not Sorry

The only thing that makes me different is me,

I don’t try to stand out,

You make me feel like I do,

Why do people who claim to have everything, 

Waste time in the personal business of people according to them have nothing, 

There he goes again with the questions.

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I’m Motivated Enough

My motivation is God,

My motivation is family, 

My motivation is you,

My motivation is time,

My motivation is me,

My motivation is trying to be the best version of myself that I can be

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Story Of Gratitude

Sitting on the porch,

Dressed to impress,


Drug dealers and strangers,


Thought that was what I was supposed to do,

Who told you that?

It’s more who showed me that,

From TV to the person standing right next to me,

God was watching me and keeping me safe,

I was so careless and free,

I couldn’t have survived depending on me,

Walking alone on dangerous streets late night consistently,

In the hood drug dealers everywhere,

People fighting,

Bullets flying,

And me trying to be cool and go to school,

Thank you God I survived,

I look back and realize how much God had my back and I’m filled with gratitude.

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Sells Pitch

How are you doing today?

I pray well,

As you assume I’m here to sell you something,

I promise it’s not what you think,

Here’s my pitch…

In a blink it can all be over,


I’m here to sell you thoughts of hope and love,

These are things you can get for free,

Positivity, Respect,

I’m sure you here that from other’s more than me,

But I’m just doing my job,

Trying not to let anyone rob you of your joy,

A message of peace and love,

Faith in God,

In closing,

I’m not representing any business or organization,

I am here to sell you hope, through creative thoughts,

Here to let you know that you are loved

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I’m Trying

There is so much I want to say,

So many visions I want to convey,

I pray that I could change lives,



Set a fire inside someone,


Look I got anxiety, fame is not my goal,

Being known for spreading positivity and artistry that’s the thought I hold on to,

Another thing is, BE YOU,

I’m odd to some,

Ok to others,

Some people love me,

Others don’t care for me,

Let me tell you how I handle it,

I try my best to focus on what God thinks of me,

Secondary what I think of me,

I haven’t come close to perfecting it,

I don’t know if I’m trying hard enough,

I do know I’m trying

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She Knows

You know what I’m doing,

You just want to make up extra stuff to make me look bad,

Fantasy stories from a person who hasn’t talked to me in years,

I’m not the cause of your tears,You are,

Let’s be clear,

I’m not afraid of your rumors,

I’m not afraid of your lies,

Playing with people lives,

The only problem I have with you is your infatuation with me,

You say that’s not the case,

If not, why do you waste so much time thinking and talking about me,

Free yourself!

Because as you can see I have one issue,

I don’t know why I’m explaining something you already know.

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I’m Offended

I’m offended by everything you say,

I’m offended by the things you do,

I’m offended by you,

I’m offended because the sky is blue,

I’m offended by any and everything, 

Isn’t that the new thing to do,

Be offended, 

Well I’m offended that people can be offended over anything. 

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Let me know where to find you

Or you could stay hidden

Very few people find you

Everyone needs to know you

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