Love Me

I always say what I do wrong,

Let me tell you what I did and do right,

I’ve always had faith I knew God always had me in his sight,

I’m not above and arguement,

But I’m very non violent I hate to fight,

I’m not impressed very easily by materialistic things,

I truly believe that the majority of people have something positive to bring,

I know the difference between my truth and the truth,

Money is great but I refuse to chase it,

I am who I am and you can hate it or face it,

I absolutely know my flaws and that I am not better than anyone,

But no one loves me more than me except God,

I’ve learned not to judge another person’s pain,

Just because I can stand the rain doesn’t mean you can,

I have fun in almost any situation,

I respect time and love it like a close friend,

No matter what I’ve done or said in this life I honestly from within love God with everything I have.

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Advice for Myself

Joy and jubilation is better than boasting and bragging,

Spending life trying to be accepted by someone living the same life seems counterproductive,

The most important opinion about you should come from you,

If anyone tells you that’s not true their not with you,

God loves you,

The question is “Do you love you?”,

This invisible approval from others that some look for their entire lives does not exist,

Resist the thought that life is a competition,

If you love God and run your race you’ll always win,

Try not to willingly sin,

But also know everyone does it,

No one is perfect,

Pursue inner happiness and joy more than money and wealth,

This is not advice for you,

This is advice for myself.

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Personal Thoughts

I don’t like giving advice because I don’t feel qualified,

This is my personal thoughts,

A story has two sides this is my side,

I found out in this life time its difficult to hide from reality,

It’s also hard to get factuality when it comes to the truth,

I have sinned and from within I am truly sorry,

Those feelings should be universal because no one is perfect,

I find it easier to not judge than to let go of a grudge,

I guess I have trust issues,

It’s not without reason,

I’ve met people who were there for only the sunny season,

When any pain or rain came about they disappeared,

People will be people,

Through it all the love that God has graced me with has no equal,

My personal thought is,

Life is not a movie,

There is no sequel,

Love God,

Love life,

Be happy in the moment…

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You have me confused with yourself,

Or someone else,

Why else would you treat me this way,

Because I’ve never met you and I’m positive you don’t know me,

So why all the hostility,

I’m not who you think I am,

TV and music might tell you something different,

Everyone is different,

I’m a part of a group,

I’m still me, so I’m still apart from the group,


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Just Relax

How do you make peace with someone who doesn’t want peace

All they want is agression and drama,

Is it because of the environment,

Is it the world itself,

Or is it just the way it is,

This can’t be true because I know positive peaceful people,

Far from perfect,

Yet still positive and peaceful,

Does this make them better than others,

No, it makes them better for themselves,

Always looking for a war is exhausting,

Peace is relaxing

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Walking Around The Past

I remember these streets,

These corners,

Every house reminds me of someone,

Every tree and yard I can recall,

Thank God I have fond memories because now that I’m older I know what could have been,

Things look slightly different in some places and exactly the same in others,

New faces in old places,

I can still see traces of my childhood sprinkled among these blocks,

I am who I am because of this environment,

But I’m not a product because products are for sell,

This place has given me a bunch of stories to tell,

Some are what you might imagine,

Others you couldn’t even fathom,

I know that my survival wasn’t random,

God was with me,

I was young naive,

Oblivious to any thought that I could be hurt,

I was so free with no stress,

No thoughts of disasters going on around the world,

I was in my world,

So innocent and pure,

There is no cure for the evil man’s eyes have to see,

I can’t unsee what I’ve seen,

I know you heard the streets can be mean,

God blessed me is all I can say,

A day of walking around the past

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Respect (Haiku)

Respect is needed

It could change the world right now

Please God show us how

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This Is Who I Am

I’ll never be perfect,

You can love it,

You can hate it,

But its not going to change,

I’m not going to try an force anyone to like me,

I’m also not going to do anything purposely to make anyone dislike me,

What I’m going to do is,

Have faith in God,

Have respect for others,

Kindness and manners will always be in my world,

Be myself at all times confidently knowing that this is who I am!!!

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Tears From A Man

Who said a man can’t cry,

Probably a man that cried often,

Not crying proves what,

If I want to cry I’ll cry,

No one controls my emotions,

You might not like the man I am, but I’m still a man,

And I define what I think a man is,

God made me exactly the way he wanted me to be,

If I cry from, sorrow, joy, pain or even from my own missteps,

God loves me,

So before you criticize any man for crying,

Remember even Jesus wept

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Sound Advice

Don’t let them get to you,


Whoever makes you act out of character,

Whoever tries to steal your peace,

I know they get on your nerves,

I know they talk crazy without consequences,

You often think ” who do they think they talking to?”,

Oh!!if they only knew,

Its true everyone loses their patience,

It’s all in the reaction,

Don’t let anyone provoke you to act in a way that will effect you negatively,

Easy said,

But sound advice

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