This is My Prayer

Thank you for another day,

Thank you for life,

Bless me to live a long and healthy life,

Full of happiness and joy,

Bless me to be able to be a blessing to others,

Please keep my family and I safe,

Help me to accomplish my goals,

Help me to obtain more faith,

This is my Prayer

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I’ll Keep Saying It

I’d like to paint myself perfect without any flaws,

Emotionally, physically and mentally,

But I can’t,

Thoughts race through my head some positive some negative,

There are people I like and others I don’t,

I try not to point the finger because I know it’s a thousand pointing back at me,

I see my flaws and weaknesses,

And I think I’m wise enough to know there are many others I don’t see,

I’ll continue to try to better myself,

Trust in God and pray often,

Other than that,

What can I do other than just be me…

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Writers Block (Haiku)

Invisible wall

Blocking my creativity

Sealing off my thoughts

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Why Can’t We Be Perfect

Why can’t we be perfect,

Why do we mess up even when we don’t want to,

If you don’t think that applies to you we to meet,

Because I think everyone has dirty hands and dirty feet,

No one is faultless or without sin,


“Everyone just do the right thing!”

What’s the right thing?

If I find it I can’t perfect it,

Why can’t we be perfect!

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Anger One Letter Away From Danger

Anger one letter away from danger,

I don’t want to argue with you,

I don’t want any altercations with a stranger,

God help me to control my emotions,

And keep me away from angry people,

We all have emotions I wish anger wasn’t one of them,

I hate anger,

I don’t even like myself when I’m upset,

Anger one letter away from danger,

Is it stranger to think anger causes more problems than money,

Or that anger is the root of many missteps,

Lust, anger and money in that order I think ruins lives,

Anger one letter away from danger

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The Answer

If my right isn’t your right, who’s right?

If my wrong isn’t your wrong, who’s wrong,

We can keep singing that same song,

That’s going to last too long,

Is understanding the answer?

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Love Over Again

You ask them do they love you,

They say yes,

You put the love to the test over time,

You find out it wasn’t true,

They don’t really love you,

So what do you do,

You go through some pain and you bounce back ,

Then guess what you do,

You go out and try again,

And it doesn’t work,

Why would you put yourself through something that might be destined to fail,

Well, I guess that’s just apart of life

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Nothing can make or break the past,

Its already done,

You can’t go back and say I didn’t do that,

You did,

Its fact,

It’s over,

Or is it?

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Here pay attention to this while they are tricking you with that,

Be afraid and terrified of all of these things when you should be a worried about them,

Listen and believe this nonsense when real knowledge and truth is in front of you,


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Love Now

Everyone and everything can improve because nothing is perfect,

Even though nothing is perfect,

I try not to take for granted the things that I love,

Even the things that I like I try to cherish,

I know how fast time changes things,

Some stuff that you love can be taken away from you instantly,

Enjoy what you love and be thankful you have it,

Whatever that might be,

God have mercy on me,

God have mercy on us all,

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