What Do You Do(Complainers)

I know people who just love to complain,

They are never having a good day,

You say its nice and sunny outside,

They want it to rain,

Complain, complain, complain,

They are always tired are not feeling well,

They love to tell how they are not in a good mood today,

It’s like the only way they can talk is in complaints,

Its surreal that they think constantly complaining is keeping it real,

I feel constantly bragging and constantly complaining are equally annoying,

To me its almost the same,

Complainers are always looking for someone or something to blame,

Their job,




And on and on,

It’s like complaining brings them joy,

It’s a difference between getting your real feelings out in conversation, and complaining about every mundane thing about life,

I’ve found out if your around unhappy complaining people it will rub off on you,

It’s true,

People like that are everywhere,

So what do you do?

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Thank You

Thank you for reading my words,

I’ve been writing them all my life it seems,

Sometimes I think over time I’ve written about everything,

I know haven’t,

What I have done is found a way to speak my truth,

Not what someone told me but what I told myself,

You seeing my creativity is my wealth,

I don’t fool myself into thinking I’m something I’m not,

I really believe I know exactly who I am,

This is my art,

How I express what’s on my mind,

Who would have thought I was thinking about these things,

Who cares,

That’s why I’m thankful,

Because even if you don’t care at least you know how I feel,

That makes me feel better,

Thank you

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I’m not Sorry I’m Me

Don’t be shy about being yourself,

It’s you!

Wherever you go guess who’s going with?

Whatever problems, situations and difficulties you have, guess who’s there?

Good times and joyous occasions the same person will be there,


You need to love yourself because your stuck with you,

You need to improve and try to be the person you want to be because this is what you have,


Don’t be shy, sorry or timid about being the person the almighty creator created special from his own hands,


Be you!

Love yourself and that will open up doors for you to love everything else!!

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Maybe I motivated someone,

I want the money but I’m a superhero in real life,

Forget the metaphors and big words,

I get straight to the point,

I swoop in and tell you to love the person God made you to be,

Love yourself!

Put God first,

Then I fly away,

Every day I pray someone reads these thoughts and it sparks a flame of positivity,

I’m a superhero through my creativity,

Simple words can change an extraordinary life,

I’m a superhero and I really believe I’m telling you whats true,

I’m not telling you to love money, fame or anything materialistic,

Love GOD, family and love YOU,

I’m a Superhero

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Rude People

Should you just let it go,

Or should you show them that it won’t happen again,

I’m not here for offense I’m here for defend,

I’m not here to offend I also don’t want to be purposely offended,

This world is blended with countless kinds of people,

Some people are what I would consider polite and some are just down right rude,

I try my best not to prejudge, but when someone shows me how rude they are,how am I to think,

In a blink words can make someone irritated or upset,

Try not to let rude people make you rude,

Oh! it’s so difficult not to react in kind,

If I could rewind I would watch my words more carefully when responding to fools,

But the flipside to me is, if I let them talk to me like that am I a fool also,

Or am I the so called ” bigger person”,

I believe you should try not to be intentionally rude,

You shouldn’t bother people who are not bothering you,

I don’t like confrontations or arguing, but if you lay down for every rude person you’ll be a doormat and that’s true.

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Something Everyone Likes

I know one thing that everyone likes,

It makes people feel good about themselves or something they did,

From the the oldest person to the smallest kid everyone wants these,

It’s a kind gesture and it can be extremely impactful at the right time,

One of the best things about it is, its absolutely free,

Its something that you shouldn’t search for or try to get,

I have not met a person yet who does not like a good compliment.

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Pondering About Love

You listened to love songs and believed they were true,

You heard the lyrics and prayed all of that would happen to you,

All you have to do is believe right?

That’s very questionable from some people’s point of view,

They wanted love but in the end ended up with hate,

You can debate that,

But real life is my proof,

I believe in love,

I love love,

I also live in reality where people breakup every day,

No matter how much you pray can you really heal a broken heart,

I love talking about the good parts of love,

A true blessing from above,

But I can’t shove the thoughts of the other side out of my mind,

Can I really find love other than from God,

Because human love is fragile, deceptive,beautiful,painful and amazing,

Human love is unpredictable,

How can I trust it?

I don’t,

I trust and believe that God will watch over me and not burden me with love, but bless me with it,

I have been crushed by love,

Abandoned and hurt,

I also would not be alive if someone didn’t love me,

Love so incredibly complex and deep how can anyone say they know about love,

I can ponder on thoughts about love forever,

The love that I truly depend on is Gods love, which I believe is forever.

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Should I Tell Them

I have been writing poetry for a very long time. I really love the art of poetry. I love reading it and I love writing it more.

Over the many years that I have published poetry online, magazine submissions, live poetry readings , writing chap books….One thing I’ve never done is let my close friends and family know I write poetry at all. I’ve never let them read my poetry. I have a easier time expressing myself to strangers with poetry than people I know. The reason is I think the people who read my poetry see it for what it is, “art”. I think that people close to me will look at it as a “little hobby”. This is something I love, this is no little hobby.

Also I think people I know might think everything I write is about me. I write poetry with millions of things on my mind and its definitely not always about me. I get ideas from movies, music and countless other things. I do write about myself often but not always.

I personally love my poetry and how I write. I’m a fan of my work and thats really what matters to me.

When or if I tell people close to me that I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old, I can’t lie, I want them to be surprised. Maybe even a little impressed. I want them to know that even though I don’t use big words and metaphors I put my heart and soul into my poetry. Many of the poems I’ve written crying, because it’s that deep to me.

Sometimes I feel like if I let people I know into this secret world I have created it will be destroyed. Other times I feel that people need to know this side of me, so they can know who I really am.

There are things in this life that are priceless to only you. My poetry is something that is more than priceless to me and I don’t want anything to mess that up.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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Lost In the Moment

Just for a moment I was lost,

I forgot about all my worries,

I wasn’t thinking about right or wrong,

Wasn’t thinking about life or death,

I was just focusing on my next breath,

Not what’s left for me to do,

I was just there in the moment, my mind clear,

No fear of anything,

Nothing but peace was on my brain for that moment,

I felt so alive,

Lost in that Moment

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Endless Fight

I’m not perfect and God knows I don’t always do the right thing,

Even with all my flaws and situations I want to send positive energy your way today,

I don’t advise people to do what I do or even do what I say,

Always do it positive and do it your way,

Its completely ok to be unique,

Their will always be someone to critique,

Someone to be negative,

Someone to disagree,

You can get over it,

Or you can’t fight an endless battle of other people’s opinions.

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